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Video Marketing

More and more people are turning towards video content today. Out of the different modes of content, video content is known to be most effective when audiences need to retain information from it.

This is because the visual and audio cues help viewers comprehend the material better. These attributes make video content especially favored by people, and as result, by search engines.

Search engines are created for people to find information on any topic. However, the results need to be optimized due to the overwhelming amount of content available. They are ranked according to the relevance to the search entered.

An algorithm deems the relevance. Your video content will be ranked by this algorithm too. Hence, your content must be created tailored to rank high on this optimization. 


In this blog, we will discuss how you can optimize your video content for the search engine optimization:

1. Video Transcript

Search engines when scanning your content will attempt to deduce how easy it is to comprehend your content. But the tool is yet to learn how to properly scan through video content automatically putting you at a disadvantage.

However, if you add a video transcript, the algorithm can easily scan through the script given.

They will be able to infer your target audience and search for keywords. This will boost your SEO ranking, increasing viewers and brand awareness.

Try to enter keywords into your transcript to further enhance the ranking. This is a useful tip as it has extreme ROI. You can simply hire a freelancer or even type the transcript yourself! It’s that easy and cheap.

2. Engage Audience

This is a mistake many creators make when tailoring their content to SEO. They forget the human audiences of their videos. Creating content to rank high in the SEO is good, but it will be useless if people do not end up watching your video content.

Not being able to engage them will gradually result in a loss of viewers, and damage your brand reputation which will also cause a lower rank on SEO.

You can keep them engaged by creating videos on the content they are interested in. This must be consistent throughout your video content journey. It must be relevant to your brand and what it does.

High-quality content paired with relevant topics will cause an influx in viewers. Keeping your content concise will also do the same. Anytime you feel that a portion of the video is unnecessary, edit it out using a video trimmer.

3. Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the first thing users see. This gives them the first impression of your video content. These first impressions are extremely important as they form a perception of your brand.

Thumbnails make a significant difference in the audience’s decision on watching the video content. Hence, the viewer count and engagement also rely on this.

To create an encouraging and attention-grabbing video thumbnail, one must add various colors and effects to it. This can be achieved using several tools or certain images online.

However, when using them beware of copyright laws. Take permission from the creator of the images to use them as your thumbnail. You could even hire a digital artist to create a flashy thumbnail for your videos.

4. Featured Video

Google only features a single video from the array of videos you have on your page. Hence, to be able to have your best video featured on Google, you must work extra hard to optimize it. The specific video you want must be heavily optimized using keywords, cool transitions, and special effects to keep the audience engaged.

When ranking your video, a metric the SEO considers is the duration visitors watch your video. They even take into consideration the ratio of comments, likes, and times shared to gauge whether the audience enjoys the video. The more these metrics increase, the higher chances it is the video of your choice will be featured on Google.

5. Track Performance

Tracking performance is essential to hone your video creation skills. Performance can tell you whether the audience enjoys your videos or not. It can also tell you what works best for your fans.

This means if you try a new strategy in your videos and the performance is better than in previous videos you can continue implementing it in your coming videos as well for improved results.

Google Analytics is one such in-built tool that allows you to track your content performance. It calculates all the needed metrics for you and displays them neat and organized.

This will enable you to understand audience feedback and create videos geared towards audience engagement and likability. This will increase the chances of your video being ranked higher by the SEO.

6. Promote Video

One must promote the video on all social media and content sharing platforms to increase views. This can be through official brand social media accounts, websites, email newsletters, and others.

You may even encourage clients to watch and share your video with their friends and family. Receiving video recommendations from close friends and family will increase their likeliness to watch and engage with the video.

Embedding the video onto your blogs can further push the viewer count, maximizing the performance of the video content.

Promoting your video will increase the rank of your video on searches and boost your brand reputation. More people will be aware of your brand and recognize it, building trust and driving sales.


It is vital to remember that search engine optimization is not human. A particular algorithm is used to deduce the overall quality of the content. This makes people miss out on certain content that is engaging because it is not tailored to what the in-built search engine tool is looking for.

Hence, to ensure maximum performance, follow these simple yet valuable tips. They will improve your results in the short and long term, enabling your brand to grow.

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