Urban Ladder uses Bangalore Airport to let customers experience the brand


Urban Ladder, an online furniture retailer used a range of hanging banners and mini totems in Bengaluru Airport’s domestic departure lounge for it’s newly rolled out marketing campaign.

The main messaging of this campaign was to convey the solution it provides – fitting everyday objects into smaller spaces while maintaining a relaxed and homely feeling.

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), Bangalore, is home to this new campaign and the brand has handpicked hanging banners and mini totems at the airport’s domestic departure lounge. Along with this Urban Ladder also displayed some of its chairs shown in the ads for passengers to experience the actual product.


The hanging banners have allowed them to reach out to the entire domestic sector passengers, while the totems reach out to both domestic and international passengers.

Airports provide a great advertising space for brands as they can grab the attention of passengers easily. Passenger spend a lot of time waiting during security checks, gates before boarding and food courts which makes them highly receptive to these ads.

The Bengaluru International Airport serves over 15 million passengers making it the third busiest airport in the country. You can advertise in the Bangalore Airport here.

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