I am new to Radio advertising. How does it work?

There are broadly 2 types of Radio ads.

  1. Jingles
  2. RJ Mentions and Integration

Jingle advertising is the most popular form and here ads are placed during the breaks. We will cover Jingle advertising in this FAQ.

There are 3 factors required to place a jingle ad

  1. How many days you want to play the ad? (Campaign Duration)
  2. How many times you want to play your ad daily? (Frequency)
  3. How long will be your ad? (Jingle length)

Advertising cost for Radio is quoted as cost per sec. To calculate your total cost multiply

Rate X Duration X Frequency X Jingle Length

e.g: Abhineet wants to know how much will it cost to place ad in Radio Mirchi Delhi. He found a rate of Rs 150 per sec on Media Ant site. He wants to run his campaign for 5 days, 6 times per day and he expects his ad to be 20 sec long.

The way he can calculate the budget:

Rate X Duration X Frequency X Jingle Length

150 X 5 X 6 X 20 = Rs 90,000

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