Top 10 List of Kannada Newspapers

Top 10 List Of Kannada Newspapers

Welcome to a comprehensive compilation of Kannada newspapers, your go-to resource for staying informed about the latest news, developments, and stories in the Kannada language. In a world where information is key, this curated list ensures that you have easy access to a diverse array of Kannada newspapers, each contributing to the rich tapestry of news and cultural insights. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a resident of Karnataka, or simply interested in keeping up with the vibrant Kannada media landscape, this collection is designed to cater to your information needs. Explore the depth and breadth of Kannada journalism through our carefully curated list of newspapers, providing you with a nuanced perspective on regional and global affairs.

List of Kannada newspapers 

Vijaya Karnataka

Vijaya Karnataka stands as a prominent player in the realm of Kannada newspapers, offering a holistic coverage of news and events both regionally and globally. Established with a commitment to providing quality journalism, it has garnered a significant readership over the years. Known for its insightful reporting, Vijaya Karnataka covers a spectrum of topics ranging from politics to entertainment, making it a go-to source for Kannada-speaking readers seeking credible information.


Udayavani, another stalwart in the world of Kannada newspapers, has been a trusted source of news since its inception. With a strong focus on local news and community affairs, Udayavani has successfully captured the hearts of its readers. The newspaper’s dedication to unbiased reporting has positioned it as a reliable choice for those who prefer to stay connected with the pulse of Karnataka.


Prajavani, a household name in Karnataka, has earned its place among the top Kannada newspapers. With a legacy spanning several decades, Prajavani has adapted to the evolving media landscape while maintaining its commitment to journalistic integrity. The newspaper excels in delivering comprehensive news coverage, opinion pieces, and features that resonate with its diverse readership.


Vijayavani, with its tagline “Naguva Nanjunda, Galuva Gokak,” has carved a niche for itself in the competitive world of Kannada newspapers. Known for its vibrant reporting and engaging content, Vijayavani caters to a wide audience, ensuring that it remains a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of informative and entertaining news.

Kannada Prabha

Kannada Prabha, with its insightful and incisive journalism, has established itself as one of the leading Kannada newspapers. Keeping pace with the fast-changing media landscape, Kannada Prabha delivers news with a focus on depth and analysis. The newspaper’s commitment to journalistic ethics makes it a respected source for readers who value accuracy and context in their news consumption.

Samyukta Karnataka

Samyukta Karnataka has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the realm of Kannada newspapers, offering a comprehensive and insightful coverage of news and events. With a rich history and a commitment to delivering unbiased journalism, Samyukta Karnataka has become a trusted source for Kannada-speaking readers seeking in-depth information on a wide range of topics. The newspaper’s dedication to providing accurate news has contributed to its popularity and sustained readership over the years.


Hosadigantha, known for its progressive approach and strong editorial stance, has become a significant voice in the landscape of Kannada newspapers. Focused on issues that matter to the people of Karnataka, the newspaper has earned a dedicated readership. Hosadigantha’s commitment to investigative journalism and its emphasis on social issues make it a valuable addition to the list of top Kannada newspapers.


Varthabharathi stands out as a dynamic and contemporary Kannada newspaper, catering to the diverse interests of its readers. With a focus on delivering news that is relevant and timely, Varthabharathi has positioned itself as a go-to source for those seeking a blend of current affairs, politics, and cultural updates. The newspaper’s engaging content and commitment to journalistic ethics contribute to its popularity.

Karavali Ale

Karavali Ale, with its distinct regional focus, has become a vital source of news for the coastal regions of Karnataka. Specializing in local news, Karavali Ale brings a unique perspective to the Kannada newspaper landscape. Its coverage extends to the cultural and socio-economic aspects of the coastal areas, making it an essential read for residents and those interested in the developments of this vibrant region.

Mysooru Mithra

Mysooru Mithra, as the name suggests, is a reliable companion for readers in Mysuru and beyond. This Kannada newspaper has earned its place among the top newspapers in Karnataka by providing comprehensive coverage of news and events relevant to the region. Mysooru Mithra’s focus on local issues, combined with its commitment to quality journalism, has contributed to its popularity and sustained readership.


In conclusion, this compilation of Kannada newspapers serves as a valuable resource for those seeking a curated selection of news outlets in the Kannada language. From local stories to international developments, these newspapers offer a diverse range of perspectives, making it easier for readers to stay well-informed. Whether you are looking for a specific newspaper or interested in discovering new sources, our list of Kannada newspapers, enriched with the latest updates and insights, ensures that you are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of Kannada journalism. Stay connected, stay informed, and explore the depth of Kannada news with this meticulously assembled collection.

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FAQs on Top 10 List of Kannada Newspapers 

How many Kannada newspapers are there?

There are several Kannada newspapers, including major ones like “Vijaya Karnataka,” “Prajavani,” “Udayavani,” and “Samyukta Karnataka.” These newspapers cover a range of topics, including local and international news, politics, entertainment, and sports, catering to the Kannada-speaking population in Karnataka, India.

Are these Kannada newspapers available in both print and digital formats?

Yes, major Kannada newspapers like “Vijaya Karnataka,” “Prajavani,” “Udayavani,” and “Samyukta Karnataka” are available in both print and digital formats. They offer online editions and mobile applications, allowing readers to access news digitally in addition to the traditional print versions, providing flexibility and convenience.

Are there online Kannada newspapers?

Yes, there are several online Kannada newspapers, offering digital platforms for readers. Major Kannada newspapers like “Vijaya Karnataka,” “Prajavani,” “Udayavani,” and “Samyukta Karnataka” have dedicated websites and mobile applications, providing an online presence for readers to access news, articles, and features in the Kannada language over the internet.

How can I advertise in Kannada newspapers?

To advertise in Kannada newspapers, contact the newspaper’s advertising department, choose ad type and size, create your ad content, provide necessary information, negotiate rates, submit ad material following guidelines, review the proof, and make the payment. Plan ahead, considering your target audience, message, and budget for an effective advertising campaign.

Can I place an advertisement online in Kannada newspapers?

Yes, you can place advertisements online in Kannada newspapers. Contact the newspaper’s digital advertising department or visit their official website. Many Kannada newspapers offer online advertising options, allowing you to reach a wider audience through their digital platforms with various ad types and sizes tailored to your needs.

What is the cost of advertising in Kannada newspapers?

The cost of advertising in Kannada newspapers varies based on factors like ad type, size, placement, and the specific newspaper. Rates can range from a few hundred to several thousand rupees. Contact the advertising department of the chosen newspaper to get accurate and customized pricing for your advertising needs.

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