Stop these 4 Digital Marketing Trends Right Now!


With the ever growing demand of digital marketing, the number of marketing trends have also revolutionized. At present, there are hundreds of digital marketing techniques which exist that promises you to give you the desired target audience in a short time period. Digital marketers are also following such techniques and are actually getting results, which is causing a huge demand for the fake marketing techniques which are going to die soon! Although the marketers are getting website traffic and search engine rankings, but the results are temporary. The digital marketers must be aware of the temporary marketing trends they are following blindly.

Below are the top 4 digital marketing trends that you must stop right now 

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1. Our very common Pop-ups

Recently, Google declared that websites who are using pop-up ads for marketing purpose may get penalized. No doubt pop up ads are a great way to get website rankings and also the internet users visit websites regardless of the number of pop-ups they have. So what is the matter of concern? Well, removing pop-ups from your website is going to be essential for you to boost Google rankings. In the future, websites who are not having popup ups are going to have higher rankings than the websites who have loads of pop-ups

2. Fake reviews

In the digital marketing era, online reviews are considered as one of the best ways to know about the product, services and the company. Before buying or hiring any service the internet users try to view the online reviews so that they can get an idea about the product/service quality and ratings. Online reviews are a kind of people recommendation which is preferred by most of the online users. Such effectiveness of online reviews has made it a way of marketing.  But are they all genuine? Of course not, some of the marketers are using fake reviews in order to advertise their product/services. Fake reviews work for a certain time period, but when they are exposed, it is surely going to affect your company reputation along with the brand loyalty.

3. Banner ads

You must have noticed banner ads when you visit some websites, which actually distract you from concentrating on the website content. The banner ad marketing techniques are fading its effectiveness as the present day marketers are focusing on different marketing tools for doing product/service advertisement. The usage of marketing tools is resulting 53% hike in lead generation.

4. Stock photos

The current marketing world is flooded with personalized videos and pictures which cause stock photograph marketing come to an end. Due to the non-authentic nature of stock images, it is failing to get accepted by the business brands. Whereas, the personalized images are able to grab the attention of the website visitors and can cause huge numbers of likes, shares, and CTC.

So you as a digital marketer needs to stop the above temporary marketing trends right now and start using advanced marketing techniques like content marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing, mobile marketing, etc.

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