Star Sports Introduces exciting new opportunities for brands on IPL 2024

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) television broadcast achieved unprecedented success in 2023, reaching over 500 million viewers and breaking all previous viewership records for cricket. This surge in viewership attracted a diverse range of brands, with over 300 participating in major cricketing events. Established brands like HUL, Airtel, Mahindra Auto, Emirates, Parle Products, Tata Neu, Britannia, and emerging brands such as Happilo, Joy Cosmetics, SENCO Gold, Nippon Paints, and Godavri capitalized on the immense impact and measurability of TV advertising.

Looking ahead to IPL 2024, Star Sports has introduced a variety of partnership opportunities for advertisers, aiming to cater to different budgets and goals. These opportunities include exclusive associations in categories like Lifestyle, Luggage, Health, Snacking, Nutrition, Beauty, Airline, Grooming, and Technology. Advertisers can go beyond traditional ad spots, utilizing live features, branded capsules, and live bugs to enhance brand recall and strengthen their connection with viewers.

Star Sports has also enhanced targeting capabilities on TV, allowing brands to advertise in IPL more flexibly by buying ad spots for specific geographies or focusing on franchise-specific markets. This targeted approach enables advertisers to concentrate their efforts on key markets at an unprecedented scale.

Additionally, Star Sports introduces disruptive bite-sized assets, such as squeeze-ups, push-backs, and graphical elements, available for daily, weekly, and fortnightly purchases. These assets provide a cost-effective yet high-impact opportunity for brands seeking to drive salience, encourage a call to action, or own memorable moments during IPL broadcasts.

For early-stage startups, Star Sports has introduced Startup Powerplay, a game-changing innovation that allows startups to communicate their brand or product story in a concise 60-second ad during IPL matches. This exclusive opportunity offers complete brand exclusivity, with only one startup per day allowed to leverage this property at an attractive price.

Ajit Varghese, Head of Network Ad Sales at Disney Star, anticipates IPL 2024 to be a year of significant value creation for brands. The focus has shifted from pricing discussions to creating value through platform engagement, innovations, and contextual advertising. Brands are increasingly exploring integrations within cricket programming, employing associative marketing strategies through branded content, customized solutions, and innovations. With unmatched platform reach, affordable participation at scale, and a range of customized opportunities, IPL 2024 on TV is poised to revolutionize the advertising landscape.

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