On-Ground Activation – An Exciting Way to Drive Audience

On-ground Activation

Experience is Everything! Especially when people are bombarded with hundreds of ads every day and the last thing that brands would want to do is to become a part of the clutter. 

That’s why brands are coming up with more personalized solutions to reach their targeted customers and provide more tangible experiences that are exciting and memorable. 

Rather than passively promoting, brands are now moving towards engaging the audience in the co-creation of their marketing activities and that’s what is known as “On-ground activation

Let’s first start off by understanding what exactly is “on-ground activation” and how does it work- 

What is on-ground activation?

In On-ground activation, you engage the customers in a way that creates a personalized and lasting impact on them and encourages them to engage with your brand and spread the word through social media or through the oldest yet the most effective way; word of mouth.


On-ground activation can be done in a number of ways: 

  1. Brands can organize events in shopping malls, organize games in a business conference, or partnered with other brands. 
  2. Brands can distribute leaflets, pamphlets, and brochures on the street level to create awareness about the product and boost the brand name. 

Why should brands opt for on-ground activation? 

On-ground activation campaigns deftly create and encourages the sensory, emotional, and rational experiences to make a lasting impact on brands’ targeted customers and prove the brand loyalty. 

While, the basic purpose of doing an on-ground activation campaign is to engage the customers and boost the engagement, here the following other reasons to choose on-ground activation programs: 

  1. On-ground activation marketing campaigns are useful when brands want to rise above the cluttered market space. 
  2. Encourage and engage your customers. 
  3. On-ground activation is one of the best marketing techniques to boost engagement and brand awareness quickly. 
  4. It’s highly personalized and can be customized according to the brand’s requirements. 

How to create a powerful on-ground activation campaign?

  1. Integration: The most effective on-ground activation to boost engagement is the combination of different advertising mediums like digital, print and radio. 
  2. Brand relevance: The key to an effective on-ground activation marketing campaign is to create a set of activities that align with the targeted audience and help them get connected with the product. 
  3. Uniqueness: Make sure you use an implicit approach in your communication, create an interactive experience around the message by making it implicit.
  4.  Location: Carefully analyzing the need for the campaign and the desired target audience to identify strategic locations where the campaign would work the best. 

How can you launch your hassle-free on-ground activation campaign with The Media Ant?

Send us a brief on what you want to promote. Based on this we will create a plan with a mix of branding options to best promote your brand. 

Case study of On-ground activation. 

Send us an e-mail at help@themediaant.com to know more about On-ground activation campaigns.

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