How much to spend on YouTube ads?

How Much You Tube Ads Cost

YouTube is now the second largest destination for online searches after Google. Cheap Data and abundant free content has been driving the usage of YouTube over last 2 years. YT is now a mass media than a niche digital platform.

As an advertiser, YouTube has always be fascinating for me. The ability to target the exact guy, paying only when someone completes seeing the ad and reaching out to the same guy across platforms, makes it a wonderful advertising medium both for branding as well as performance.

As a planner, a question I am frequently asked by the advertisers is  “How much should I spend on YouTube ads?”

While the right marketing approach would be to ascertain number of people that the brand would want to reach out to, then decide on a frequency and ultimately arrive at a budget. But arriving at a reach is not as simple as it sounds.

Most advertisers ended up rephrasing the question ” What is a good spend on YouTube ?”

So we looked at top 10 YouTube advertisers in India across months  . (Source: afaq Top 10 You Tube Advertisers Jan-Dec 2017)

Using our internal benchmark on Cost per View we arrived at a range of spend for top categories on YouTube.


Spend value is in INR Million for a single campaignYou Tube Advertising Spend Across Categories















How to read the chart?

Top BFSI brands spend in between 9 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs for a campaign. 


These numbers are indicative and is one of the factors in deciding on a budget. Other important factor that should be used is ROI. In case the marketing objective is short term performance, keep spending till your ROI is positive. In most cases actual budget for a brand would lie somewhere in between.

If you are looking to add You Tube advertising in your marketing mix and looking for a plan, The Media Ant can be of help. Being a Red Badge partner of Google, you can be assured of the best targeting, planning and pricing for your You Tube campaign from The Media Ant.

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