IRS 2017 Topline

Irs 2017 Top Findings

IRS 2017 that came out in early January 2018 is cheer for entire marketing and advertising community with media consumption bucking international trend and growing across verticals.

Here are top 10 findings of IRS 2017 survey report :

  1. Increase in penetration across all media verticals from 2014
  2. While there is increase in 1L towns, rural India continues being 2/3rd of India
  3. Every 3rd household now owns a wheeler, signifying increase in overall income
  4. Increase in Newspaper readership across languages
  5. More than 25% of NCCS A1 (high income), read News online
  6. Nine states have 50% or more households where TV doesn’t reach
  7. Radio reaches to almost half the population in top 10 cities but All India reach is at 19%
  8. Hindi and regional Newspaper continue having a huge lead over their English counterpart
  9. Monthly Internet usage across India is at 19% of total households
  10. 3% of the population goes to Cinema every month

In case you have specific questions regarding IRS 2017 report, do let us know by writing to We will try to answer the queries. You can also contact AC Nielsen which runs and owns this report.

In case you are interested in understanding the methodology on how data is captured for IRS survey, you can read the snippet from their official website.

“IRS captures data on a continuous basis via a face-to-face Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) device. The entire study is conducted using Dual Screen CAPI methodology.

Household data is collected by interviewing the householder. Information in the household section is focused on all household details from household composition, durables owned, household items purchased and other key demographic variables.

Individual data is collected from a systematic randomly selected person who is 12 years or older and stays in the household. The individual questionnaire is mainly focused on capturing readership of publications, television viewing, radio listening, mobile usage, internet usage, cinema viewing habits, and personal usage of selected products.

IRS uses a multi-stage stratified random sampling method. Each reporting unit meets a reporting standard designed to minimise the margin of error, thus ensuring highest levels of accuracy in data.”


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