Media Trivia: Video Advertising on Non-OTT Platforms

Video Advertising In India

Indians are so welcoming to online videos that they prefer to search on YouTube than searching on Google. And you would agree too. Information in the form of videos are actually easy to consume, take less time and is more engaging. This also gives advertisers a clue- Television is not the only avenue for video advertising anymore. With more than 30 video OTT platforms in India, there is no scarcity of video advertising platforms that provide advanced interest and demographic-based targeting options.

We all know about video OTT platforms. Through this media trivia, we would get to know popular platforms other than video OTTs that can help advertisers to target a niche audience.

Let’s see if you can identify the platforms based on the hints given in the questions.

Media Trivia: Video Advertising on Niche Platforms

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