Media Trivia: Best Apps for Advertising in India

Best Apps for Advertising in India

Trigger Warning: This quiz might be the toughest quiz on advertising till date. The facts you would learn today would help you win over any colleague any argument on app advertising.

Why this quiz? Here are some quick facts:

  • 2019 would see 90% of all digital ad impressions including search, social or video being delivered on the mobile devices (Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2019)
  • With India exhibiting the highest jump in app downloads in the world (125%), in-app advertising claims a major share of this pie.

So here we are, testing your knowledge (or showing off our expertise? Kidding!) about the best apps for advertising.

Can you guess the name of the apps based on their unique proposition for the advertisers?

Media Trivia: Best Apps for Advertising in India

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