Media Trivia: Based on Marketing Trends 2023

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Welcome to The Media Ant’s Marketing Trends 2023 quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge of the latest marketing insights and trends based on the HubSpot Marketing Trends 2023 report. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, it’s crucial for marketers to stay up-to-date with the most effective strategies and platforms to reach their target audience. This quiz will cover a range of topics, from media formats with the highest return on investment (ROI) to the social media platforms that have been most leveraged by marketers in 2022.

Get ready to put your marketing expertise to the test and discover the latest trends shaping the industry. Let’s dive in and see how well you’re equipped to navigate the exciting world of marketing in 2023!

#1. As per the survey conducted by Hubspot, which media format has the highest ROI?

#2. As per the survey conducted by Hubspot, which has been the most leveraged social media platform in 2022?

#3. What is the term for marketing products or services to consumers through email communication?

#4. What is the term for the practice of tailoring marketing messages to a specific group of individuals based on their preferences or behaviors?

#5. Which social media platform is projected to have the highest growth in ad spend by marketers in 2023?

#6. Which platform is projected to have the highest growth in advertising spend by B2B marketers in 2023?

#7. Which generation is more likely to contact a brand on social media for customer service?

#8. Which social media platforms have become a popular channel for social media shopping?

#9. When did Google announce the major change regarding the phasing out of third-party cookies?

#10. Why do companies prefer making long-term partnerships with smaller creators?

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