JioSaavn Advertising – Types, Targeting Options & Facts

Jiosaavn Advertising - Types, Targeting Options &Amp; Facts

JioSaavn is an Indian music streaming service and a global digital distributor of Hindi, Marathi, English, Malayalam, Bengali, and other regional Indian music. Since its inception as Saavn in 2007, the firm has acquired the rights to over 80 million music recordings in 16 languages.

JioSaavn is a freemium service, which means that basic functions are free with commercials or limits, but extra capabilities, such as increased streaming quality and song downloads for offline listening, are available through paid subscriptions.

In 2009, Saavn relaunched its primary website,, as a B2C offering, shifting its major focus to become a music destination for fans of Bollywood and other Indian music. Reliance Industries bought a controlling share in Saavn and its digital music service, JioMusic, on March 23, 2018. The merged firm is worth more than $1 billion and has been rebranded as JioSaavn.

Top 3 JioSaavn Advertising Facts

  • The average monthly downloads of the JioSaavn in India is 8.6 Million. (April 2023 data)
Image 1
App performance of JioSaavn App, Source: Similarweb

The Monthly Active Users of JioSaavn in India are 36.41 Million and the average session duration is 7.20 minutes. The Daily active users of the app are 5.804 Million. (Data from May 2022 to April 2023)

Image 2
Engagement of JioSaavn App, Source: Similarweb

The user demographics (India) of the app are 15.2% Female and 84.8% Male, with the highest age group being 25-34 years old (47%) followed by 18-24-year-old (33%). (Data from May 2022 to April 2023).

Image 3
App demographics of JioSaavn App, Source: Similarweb<br>

Top Jiosaavn Ad Options

Display Advertisements:  Display advertising refers to the usage of visual advertisements that are typically incorporated into the platform’s user interface. These advertisements are an important source of money, particularly for companies that provide free service levels.

  • Maximus: Your first impression is very important. Before anyone or anything else, tell people about your brand using a high-quality ad that fills the entire screen. This ad will show up as soon as they open the app.
Maximus ad, Source: JioSaavn
  • Showcase: Place your brand directly on the main page of JioSaavn and stand out from the crowd. The showcase feature is always visible and won’t leave the main page for a whole day.
Display Showcase 486C1Efae2
Showcase ad, Source: JioSaavn
  • In-Feed: Put your advertisement on the main page between the lines of content to catch people’s interest as they’re scrolling through.
Display Infeed E6C4Fa1A13
In-Feed, Source: JioSaavn
  • Overlay: Make sure your brand stands out by using a high-quality ad that takes up the whole screen. This ad is shown at a time when your audience is actively listening.
Display Overlay 12F2C1A2Ec
Overlay ad, Source: JioSaavn

Audio advertisements – One of the most well-known ad forms in the JioSaavn App is audio adverts. At the start of each song or program with a full banner, a 20-second skippable audio commercial is played following the 5-second audio ad.

  • Standard Audio: Easily share what your brand is all about using sound advertisements played between songs. These ads are paired with a banner that can be clicked on.
Audio Companion 8D8735Ab39
Standard Audio, Source: JioSaavn
  • Standard Audio without Banner: Easily share what your brand is all about through sound advertisements played between songs.
Audio Standard No Banner 387C4Fdb2B 1
Standard Audio without Banner, Source: JioSaavn
  • Native Audio Spot: Spend 15 minutes directly connecting with your audience using a mix of visuals and sounds.
Audio Native Ccd6F49268
Native Audio Spot, Source: JioSaavn
  • Dynamic Audio Spot: Use listener data in real-time to send out many personalized audio ads that relate to each person’s situation or context.
Dynamic Audio Ad A9Ddb457B7
Dynamic Audio Spot, Source: JioSaavn

Video advertisements – Video ads are generally 15 seconds to 30 seconds long and are an excellent method to market your brand visually.

  • Standard Video: Show a video ad with sound to an interested group of people when they can clearly see the screen.
Standard Video 25Dcba76F6
Standard Video, Source: JioSaavn
  • Video Showcase: Show your brand’s video directly on the main web page and give your viewers an exciting visual experience.
Video Showcase Feb72Afd34
Video Showcase, Source: JioSaavn

Content Advertising:  The practice of marketing music, artists, albums, or related material through adverts inside the interface of a music streaming platform is known as content advertising.

  • Sponsored Playlist: Sponsored Playlists on JioSaavn are curated music lists sponsored by brands, offering targeted brand visibility while providing users with unique, personalized listening experiences.
Playlist F528Bc8A7A
Sponsored Playlist, Source: JioSaavn
  • Sponsored Podcast: Sponsored Podcasts for Jiosaavn offer businesses unique branding opportunities, leveraging audio storytelling to engage with diverse audiences. Since podcast is an emerging trend it can be a powerful tool for strategic marketing in today’s digital landscape.
Podcast F2D654F061
Sponsored Podcast, Source: JioSaavn
  • Sponsored Original Music: JioSaavn’s program, Artist Originals (AO), is famous for showcasing the skills of exceptional musicians from around the world. By connecting with popular original music that your listeners will enjoy, you can influence today’s trends.
Original Music
Sponsored Original Music, Source: JioSaavn
  • Brand Channel: Keep your audience coming back for more by defining & owning a unique content environment on JioSaavn.
Brand Channel Aba5A06E4F
Brand Channel, Source: JioSaavn
  • Brand Voice: Let your brand’s unique sound help people remember it. You can put your catchy tune, brand song, or specially made sound clips on JioSaavn, giving your brand’s sound the chance to shine that it deserves.
Brand Voice Cd9E91D8B7
Brand Voice, Source: JioSaavn

Masthead Banner- Masthead banner ads are rectangular pictures or video adverts that appear at the top of the platform’s homepage for a period of 24 hours. 

Masthead Banner Ad
Masthead Banner, Source:Themediaant

Top preferred targeting options on JioSaavn

  • Age, Gender, language, and Geography 

JioSaavn, a popular Indian music streaming service, enables advertisers to target users based on age, gender, language, and geography. This aids in delivering personalized, effective ad experiences to its diverse listener base across India and beyond.

  • Playlist, Genre, Podcast, and Device 

JioSaavn offers targeted options for users. “Playlist” targets specific music collections, “Genre” targets music styles, “Podcast” targets episodic series of spoken content, and “Device” targeting optimizes experience per device type. This personalizes users’ listening experiences and content discovery.

  • Affinity, Activity, and Mood 

JioSaavn’s targeting options offer advanced personalization by leveraging user affinity, activity, and mood. Advertisers can connect with listeners based on their music preferences, in-app behaviors, and current mood, enabling highly relevant ad experiences.

Top reasons to go for JioSaavn advertising

  1. With 36.41 million monthly active users worldwide, JioSaavn App offers advertisers with a massive audience to tap into. By advertising on JioSaavn, brands can greatly expand their reach and connect with a diverse and engaged user base, maximizing their brand exposure and potential customer acquisition.
  1. JioSaavn attracts a diverse range of advertisers from industries like Music, Telecommunication, News, and Media and this allows brands to promote their products and services to a wide array of audiences. Additionally, with an average session duration of approximately 7.20 minutes, your advertising campaign can significantly enhance its reach and impact.

Top 3 brand categories that should consider JioSaavn advertising

  • Food and Beverage Companies
  • Telecom
  • FMCG

Top 3 cities that prefer JioSaavn advertising

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai 
  • Ahmedabad

Average CTR

The average CTR for JioSaavn ads is 0.20%

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