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Travel and Tourism companies are in constant need for a marketing plan. The sector of Travel and Tourism includes multiple services such as Transportation (bus, cab, train, airline), Hotels, Restaurant and many more. Most of the service providers and others involved in the travel and tourism industry would need to carry out marketing campaigns to reach out to their consumers.

There are a lot of options which can be considered while making a marketing plan to reach out to consumers by companies in the Travel and Tourism industry.

A standard plan for any company in Travel and Tourism industry can refer to the plan mentioned hereafter:

List of Media Options to be considered while making a Marketing Plan

S/No.Media Option
1Outdoor Advertising
2Airport Advertising
3Cinema Advertising
4Digital Advertising
5Magazine Advertising
6Radio Advertising
7Television Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Options

Image For Outdoor

Due to traffic congestion in most of the cities and people on the move, Outdoor has been one of the preferred mediums for companies in travel and tourism industry to advertise their product or services.

Details for Outdoor advertising options

CityLocationMedia VehicleNumber
1Delhi - NCRAcross Delhi NCRCab Branding400
2KolkataAcross KolkataTram and Metro 2- 4
3ChennaiAcross ChennaiCab Branding200
4HyderabadAcross HyderabadCab Branding200
5BangaluruAcross BangaluruCab Branding200
6SuratAcross SuratCab Branding50
7AhmedabadAcross AhmedabadCab Branding250
8GoaAcross GoaCab Branding50
9MumbaiAcross MumbaiCab Branding400
10DelhiAcross DelhiBus Shelter1
11DelhiAcross DelhiDelhi Metro Station2
12DelhiAcross DelhiBillboard & Unipoles1
13DelhiAcross DelhiUtilities10
14MumbaiAcross MumbaiBus Shelter1
15KolkataAcross KolkataHoarding1
16BangaloreAcross BangaloreBus Shelter1
17AhmedabadAcross AhmedabadBus Shelter1
18SuratAcross SuratBus Shelter1
19LucknowAcross LucknowBus Shelter1

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Airport Advertising Options 

Image For Airport

With the rise in airline travelers in India, modernization of Airports and improved connectivity, has made Airport Advertising the most suitable advertising option for companies in Travel and Tourism space.

Details for Airport advertising options

Sl. No.CityLocationMedia OptionDays
1AhmedabadDomestic Departure- Security Hold AreaWall Panel60
2AhmedabadDomestic Arrivals –Baggage Claim AreaFree Standing Panel60
3GoaDomestic Departure - Check In AreaFree Standing Panel60
4GoaDomestic Departures - Check In AreaTranslite60
5GoaDomestic Departures - Security Hold AreaTranslite60
6GoaDomestic Arrivals - Baggage Claim AreaTranslite60
7GoaDomestic Arrivals - Baggage Claim AreaFree Standing Panel60
8DelhiT1 DeparturesUnipole60
10DelhiT3 Domestic departureDigital Screens - 63 No's.30
11DelhiInternational arrivalTranslite at baggage belts60
12DelhiDomestic DepartureVideo Wall30
13CochinDomestic Arrivals - Baggage Claim AreaTranslite60
14CochinDomestic Arrivals - Baggage Claim AreaDouble Sided Translite60
15MumbaiT1B ArrivalHanging Panel60
16MumbaiCommon arrivalBaggage belt digital - 48 Screens60
17BangaloreDomestic DepartureVideo Wall30
18BangaloreCommon arrivalBillboard60
19BangaloreDeparture-Check in Hall before security check17 inches Digital Screens - 10 No's.60
20HyderabadBaggage Domestic ArrivalWall Mount60
21HyderabadSecurity hold areaWall Mount- Mullion60
22HyderabadSecurity hold areaBinnacle60
23ChennaiDomestic Departures - Check In AreaAmbilit display30
24ChennaiDomestic Arrivals - Baggage Claim AreaTranslite60
25AirIndiaSeatback brandingBehind each seat - 10 Aircrafts60

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Cinema Advertising Options

Serai Monsoon Multiflex 060814

There has been a significant rise in multiplex screens, increased occupancy levels and constant release of big budget movies in India. Due to these factors, the advertising In-Cinema Theatre has become an alternate media option which advertisers are not giving a miss.

Details for Cinema advertising options

CityMultiplex NameScreens
BangalorePVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival50
MumbaiPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival50
ChennaiPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
HyderabadPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
AhmedbadPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
SuratPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
VadodaraPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
JaipurPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
MangalorePVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
CoimbatorePVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
DelhiPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival50
KolkataPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival30
BhubaneshwarPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
VizagPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
CochinPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
IndorePVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
ChandigarhPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
PunePVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20
RaipurPVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival20

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Digital Advertising Options

Services on Travel and Tourism are heavily searched online, which makes it important for advertisers to be present on all the leading Digital advertising mediums including Social Media, News and Content Publishers.

Details for Digital advertising options

GenreSiteAd TypePlacement/TargetingAd TypeDuration
SocialFacebookPage LikesProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCost per like90-120 days
SocialFacebookCarouselProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCPCV90-120 days
SocialFacebookPost promotionProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCPC90-120 days
SocialFacebookVideo adsProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCPCV90-120 days
SocialFacebookRemarketingProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCPC90-120 days
SocialInstagramClick to websiteProfile & Targeted newsfeed Age - 20 + Travel & Tourism related Frequent travelersCPC90-120 days
SocialTwitterHashtag Trending ActivityWorldwide Targeting 6000 Conversations1 day trending2 days
SocialYoutubeVideo ViewsTravel & Tourism related keywords categories, topicsCPCV90-120 days
SocialYoutubeVideo ViewsInventory buy based on related keywordsCPCV90-120 days
SocialGoogleRemarketingTravel & Tourism related keywords categories, topicsCPC90-120 days
SocialGoogleDisplay adsTravel , OTA's , Tourism sites onlyCPC90-120 days
News/ReachTimes of IndiaBillboard wih Video bannerROSCPM90-120 days
News/ReachTimes of IndiaLargest InterstitialHPFixed2 Days
News/ReachTimes of IndiaMREC expandoHomepage+ROSCPM24 Days (Sat, Sun only)
News/ReachTimes of IndiaPhoto/Video gallery1 day on HP, 10 days insideFixed3+30 days
News/ReachTOI/ET Mobile App & WAPMREC
Mobile App, ioS, WAPCPM90 Days
News/ReachNBT/MT/VK / Eisamay / NGS /
Samayam (Tamil, Telugu , Malyalam)
Largest InterstitialHomepageFixed2 Day per website
News/ReachEconomic TimesMrec ExpandoHP + ROSCPM90 Days
News/ReachEconomic TimesLargest InterstitialHPFixed3 days
News/ReachNBT/ MT/VK / Eisamay / NGS /
Samayam (Tamil, Telugu , Malyalam)
Native Click based campaignHP + ROS all platforms desktop, App and WAPCPC90 Days
News/ReachIndia Today (WAP +App)InterstitialHP+ROSCPM120 days
News/ReachIndiatoday (WAP +App)StaticHP+ROSCPM120 days
News/ReachIndiatoday (WAP +App)NativeHP+ROSCPM90 Days
Video on Demand portalHotstar(We b & Mobile)30-60 sec Video ads with TV Shows & Movieswith most popular TV Shows/movies , non skippableFixed property1 month
Video on Demand portalHotstar(We b & Mobile)upto 60 sec Video Ads with TV ShowsMasthead, Homepage, to be run with most popular TV showsFixed property2 days
Content publicationsYatraDisplay BannersHomepage & Hotels Page5 days
Content publicationsYatraDisplay BannersFixed Banner 1 month
Content publicationsYatraEmailersMetros+Frequent Travellers90-120 days
Content publicationsTravelguruDisplay BannersHomepage
CPM90-120 days
Content publicationsTravelguruEDMEmailers90-120 days
Content publicationsHolidayIQSt banners, mailers, stories/ blogsHP & ROSCPM (for standard banners)90-120 days
Content publicationsTripotoLeaderboar d articles with other collateralsHP & ROSFixed90-120 days
EntertainmentStorypickLeaderboar d articles with other collateralsHP &ROSFixed90-120 days
EntertainmentScoopWhoopLeaderboar d articles with other collateralsHP & ROSFixed90-120

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Magazine Advertising Options

Hotel Leela

Travelers spends considerable amount of time reading magazine while travelling and planning. Thereby, it provides a great medium to advertisers to advertise in these magazines in order to be visible at the time of decision making.

Details for Magazine advertising options

S.No.PublicationAd SizeNumber of Ads
1Conde Nast TravellerSingle Page6
2Lonely PlanetSingle Page6
3National Geographic Traveller IndiaSingle Page9
4The Taj (Magazine of Taj group of HotelsSingle Page9
5Outlook TravellerSingle Page9
6Jet Wings- Jet AirSingle Page9
7Hello 6E- IndigoSingle Page9
8Spice Route- Spice JetSingle Page9
9Go Getter-Go AirSingle Page9
10The Lalit (Magazine of Lalit group of Hotels)Single Page9

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Radio Advertising Options

With increased travel time on the road, the time spend of radio listeners is growing by the day. Radio advertising by Travel and Tourism based company helps in building the frequency of the brand amongst the consumers.

Details for Radio advertising options

S/No.CityStationTotal seconds
1AhmedabadRadio Mirchi5040
2AhmedabadMY FM5040
3DelhiRadio City5040
4DelhiRadio Mirchi5040
5MumbaiRadio City5040
6MumbaiRadio Mirchi5040
7ChennaiRadio Mirchi5040
8ChennaiSuryan FM5040
9BangaloreRadio City5040
10BangaloreRed FM5040
11HyderabadRadio City5040
12HyderabadBig FM5040
13KolkataBig FM5040
14KolkataRadio Mirchi5040
15ChandigarhBig Fm5040
16ChandigarhMy FM5040
17GoaRadio Indigo5040
18GoaRadio Mirchi5040

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Television Advertising Options

Television has the highest reach in the country and targets consumers from all geographies. For companies who caters to consumers from various parts of the country, Television is the most important medium to advertise.

Details for Television advertising options

S/No.ChannelCategoryTime bandDaysTotal seconds
1ABP NewsNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
2IBN 7National2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
3Aaj TakNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
4NDTV IndiaNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
5Zee NewsNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
National0900 - 1700 HrsMonday to Friday14400
7Times NowNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
8CNN IBNNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
9CNBC TV 18National0900 - 1700 HrsMonday to Friday14400
10Zee CinemaNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
11Set MaxNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
12Sony TVNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days1700
13Zee CaféNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
14BindaasNational2000 - 2400 HrsAll days10980
15HistoryNational1200 - 2400 HrsFri, Sat. Sun.10980
16DiscoveryNational1200 - 2400 Hrs10980
17Star GoldNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
18India TVNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days2300
19Star PlusNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days2700
20Zee TVNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days2700
21ZindagiNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days1800
22National GeographyNational1200 - 2400 HrsFri, Sat. Sun.10980
23Star World HDNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days4200
24ColorsNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days1200
25ET NOWNational0900 - 1700 HrsMonday to Friday14400
26& TVNational2000 - 2200 HrsAll days2800
27Travel & LivingNational0900 - 1700 HrsAll days2100
28Travel XPNational1200 - 2400 HrsFri, Sat. Sun.10980
29NDTV Good TimesNational1200 - 2400 HrsFri, Sat. Sun.10980
30Zee 24 GhantaRegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day4200
31ABP ANANDARegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day4200
32IBN LokmatRegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day4200
33Zee 24 TaasRegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day4200
34Zee MarathiRegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day4200
35Colors GujaratiRegional2000 - 2200 HrsAll Day2700

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