Jio Cinema’s Game-Changing Metric Shift from Concurrent to Cumulative Views

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JioCinema, the official streaming partner for the ongoing India-Australia T20I series, has transitioned from displaying concurrent views to cumulative views during matches. The initial game on November 23 recorded 21.3 crore cumulative views, increasing to over 22 crore for the November 26th match. 

In contrast, the platform previously showcased concurrent views, such as the IPL 2023 final with 3.2 crore concurrent views. The move is speculated to offer a more credible measure of viewer engagement and potentially position JioCinema ahead of competitors.

Industry insiders suggest that presenting cumulative figures aims to showcase a substantial viewership number, particularly in games with fewer viewers. This metric, already adopted by some streaming platforms, addresses total viewing consumption, providing a scientifically reliable measure of audience engagement and potentially avoiding fluctuations seen in concurrent numbers.

JioCinema has not yet issued an official response to inquiries from exchange4media regarding this shift.

Regarding the impact on advertising, industry experts, including Preetham Venkky, Chief Digital Officer at DDB Mudra, believe that brands already pay for cumulative views through impressions. While acknowledging potential confusion for viewers, they predict a minimal impact on advertisers’ revenue. The consensus is that concurrent viewership is a more precise metric for advertisers, offering insight into the reach of ads, whereas total views represent a cumulative number without specifying reach.

In anticipation of the next IPL in 2024, digital agency executives believe the switch is unlikely to significantly affect advertising. Advertisers predominantly pay for impressions, not unique impressions, and consider factors like reach and frequency. The industry awaits further observations to gauge the true impact of this metric shift.

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