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Ipl 2024 Advertising

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Brand Impact through Sports Marketing

Sports and marketing have always been intertwined. For instance, similar to the way endorsement deals work today, ancient Greek athletes were usually sponsored by wealthy patrons. These customers would enjoy such recognition just as it happens in modern branding, through poetry and statues.

Skip ahead to the 20th century, and it’s a whole new world with television. The development of sports broadcasting in the 1950s created a rich environment for brands to get access to large audiences. One of the earliest instances is Gillette’s sponsorship for a World Series match in 1952. This would be a turning point as televised sports emerged to become an effective marketing tool.

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However, there may be no better illustration of the concept behind sports marketing than the Michael Jordan and Nike collaboration. In 1984, Nike as a growing athletic brand signed away Jordan who was a budding basketball player. It was as a result of this partnership that the Air Jordan brand came to life and went on to redefine sports endorsements. Air Jordan’s accomplishment showed that the power of athlete endorsements could reach beyond their sport, creating a fad and massive brand development.

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Indian Premier League: The Ultimate Fusion of Entertainment and Cricket

Prepare yourself for the greatest cricket festival! JioCinema has already launched its IPL 2024 advertising campaign, and wait for it. We’re talking about an audience of up to 650 million viewers! India’s digital revolution, a stellar performance in 2023, Connected TV taking off and the trusty handheld devices and free streaming with targeted ads – all these elements are coming together for an unparalleled cricketing season. This isn’t an illusion, it is a guaranteed blockbuster in the making!

The battle between the giants is also likely to bring some entertainment into our boring schedule and advertisers are going crazy for this opportunity.

It created a buzz amongst cricket fans as well as advertisers and brands. Don’t believe us? Check out the facts below:

  • IPL 2023 was the most searched topic of the year 2023 which means there were more people searching for IPL than ‘wordle’ which was apparently the most searched topic globally.
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In a sensational turn of events, the BCCI has awarded the coveted title sponsorship rights for this thrilling Indian Premier League (IPL) to none other than TATA Group for an incredible 5-year long expedition. Once again, this awe-inspiring Indian conglomerate that represents versatile brilliance has cemented an unbreakable alliance with the BCCI on INR 2500 crore which is undoubtedly history’s largest sponsorship in IPL.

TATA Group had featured on the IPL stage as title sponsors in 2022 and 2023, while the champions are also torchbearers for the Women’s Premier League, a global women’s T20- cricket phenomenon.

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IPL 2024: Unveiling the Exciting Schedule and Match Insights

Considered to be India’s biggest and most exciting cricket tournament, IPL is a well-recognized annual event organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in Indian (BCCI). The next season of the Indian Premier League is IPL 2024, its 17th edition which will be sponsored by TATA and get underway on March 23 while ending on May 19 this year. The BCCI is poised to reveal the entire schedule of IPL 2024. 

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JioCinema’s IPL Live: Transforming Your Phone into a Virtual Stadium

In the bid to monetize the league, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) managed through television and digital broadcasting right sales that were obtained by Disney Star as well as Viacom18.

The IPL TV broadcasting rights were kept with Disney Star by paying an amount of Rs 23,575 crore. This portrait is a major investment, showing the level value provided by IPL and public interest used.

One of the many illustrations toward this matter is that while Viacom18 made a major splash into digital broadcasting domain by winning IPL rights at an amount worth Rs. 20,500 crore bids. This shift further highlights the role of digital platforms in sportcasting and complements the rise of digitization method responsible for consuming sports content.

The deal of combined values regarding the television and digital rights in Indian subcontinent was a whopping amount of 4,4075 crore rupees which shows such economical magnitude that befits on money flows from other countries. This valuation proves that the league is among the wealthiest in whatever sphere of sport globally.

The process was undertaken through an e-auction, which involved the media rights package A (TV in India and South Asia), B (digital in subcontinent) others. The auction process was detailed and well thought out as intended to bring the maximum financial gains possible for BCCI.

The purchase of these rights by Disney Star and Viacom18 is likely to hold major consequences regarding the rate at which cricket will be consumed in India as well as internationally. The addition of digital rights creates an opportunity for Viacom18 to make the IPL available on multiple devices as well, including smartphones.

This strategic distribution of media rights between traditional television and digital platforms reflects the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting. It not only ensures wide coverage across different media but also caters to the diverse preferences of cricket fans, from those who enjoy watching on television to those who prefer streaming on digital devices.

Maximizing Returns with IPL 2024 Advertising on JioCinema

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Audience Insights: Crafting Successful Campaigns on JioCinema

The total number of visits to the JioCinema website during the year 2023 (Jan – Dec 2023) was 920.7 Million.

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The Monthly Active visits of JioCinema in India are 76.73 Million and the visit duration is 5.54  minutes. The unique visitors of the platform are 22.81 Million. (Data from Jan 2023 to Dec 2023)

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The audience segmentation for JioCinema during the year 2023 was 28.10% Female and 71.90% Male, with the largest age group being 25- 34 years (32.87%), followed by 18- 24 years (30.36 %).

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Harnessing IPL’s Advertising Power on JioCinema for Enhanced Brand Visibility

Incorporating the insights gleaned from recent reports, let’s delve into the advantages for advertisers with IPL advertising on JioCinema.

Maximizing Visibility with Strategic Ad Placements

The record-breaking viewership of the TATA IPL 2023 on JioCinema has provided a powerful stage for the advertisers to engage in high impact advertising. The inaugural weekend itself clocked over 147 crore views, maintaining an average viewing time of about 57 minutes per match and thereby establishing JioCinema as a very high-profile platform for brand placement

Understanding the JioCinema Viewer Demographics

The IPL on JioCinema has a multifarious, dynamic viewership profile because of the tournament’s cross-sectional fan base. In particular, the platform saw a 4X increase in app penetration during IPL demonstrating that there is a great depth and reach of users.

Captivating Audiences Through Interactive Engagement

The user engagement levels of JioCinema are very impressive as the platform clocked many installations in a single day during IPL opening and is sustaining high concurrency rates. This means that for the advertisers, this translates to more efficient ad views and also better engagement ratio.

Aligning Brands with Premier League Excitement

The IPL’s digital streaming on JioCinema was very successful in drawing a lot of brands for the advertising, like Dream11, PhonePe and also Amazon. Partnering with a huge-scale event boosts the reputation of the brands and also capitalizes on the hype created by IPL.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solutions

IPL on JioCinema has equalized the process of advertising by giving brands with different budgets its reach. The platform has been noted by industry leaders to provide focused, and targeted marketing without the superfluous spending traditionally associated with the television advertising.

Precision-Driven Ad Targeting

Through its digital nature, JioCinema presents many ads to the correct audience. Supplemented by the regional language feeds and interactivity, brands can customize their campaigns for optimum relevancy​.

There has been industry participation from as many as 195 advertisers on JioCinema’s platform in the IPL ​​2023 where a gamut of industries like Automotive, Food and Beverage, Technology to Fashion have leveraged ​the reach of IPL.

Additionally, it was found that advertisers are very happy with the return on investment of JioCinema as TAM Adex Report showed a 20% growth in CTV ad spots, this signifies the preference for OTT platform over others because of convenience and unique options like 4K multicam.

The graphical data from Similar Web on JioCinema demonstrates the uncanny popularity and also engagement levels present in that platform. For example, JioCinema had 89.51 million monthly active users on android devices especially with an average session time is more than 12 minutes and the total session was above 30 minutes.

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Their average monthly downloads of  JioCinema was reported to be  23.8 Million. This indicates not only a large user base but also a highly engaged one, which is crucial for advertisers seeking to maximize their ad’s impact.

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Exploring Diverse Advertising Avenues in IPL on JioCinema

Advertising during the Indian Premier League (IPL) is a great strategy for brands looking to raise awareness and reach a wider audience. This approach works for all business types, including FMCG and automotive, whether online or offline. 

The value of these ads depends on the number of views or impressions they receive. The main aim is to achieve maximum and capture the attention and trust of a wide audience by offering repeated exposure for approval.

Mid-Roll Video Ads

Mid-roll video ads are non-skippable, last 10-30 seconds, and are placed during halftime, drink breaks, and other interruptions during live matches. Their success in the market is due to their length, which makes the stories resonate with the audience. Additionally, these ads attract the attention of visitors who interact with the campaign content.

The downside is that the average ad doesn’t do much to increase traffic on the website. This is because most viewers are reluctant to abandon the live match and visit other websites. Additionally, these ads only allow for a certain level of targeting, limiting their ability to be customized.

Pre-Roll Video Ads

The pre-roll is non-skippable, lasts 5-10 seconds, and is shown before the live game broadcast begins. Although they generally have lower impact than the average ad, the click-through rate (CTR) is higher given that they are placed at the beginning of the video. Additionally, these pre-roll ads also serve two purposes.

Featured Cards

Featured Cards are simple banners that carry the brand logo and message. 

  • Super 4’s
  • Fall of Wickets
  • Super Saves
  • Player Specific Moments
  • DRS
  • Milestones

VOD (Video-on-Demand)

VOD or Video on Demand is quite popular among viewers and sports fans, especially for its coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL). It gives viewers the chance to watch highlights, including “wow” moments during or after the match.

Vod Logo


Web banners, also known as banner ads, are a type of advertising that appears on websites or mobile applications. These ads often use images instead of text and may include multimedia content in formats such as .png, .jpg or .gif. A masthead ad is a type of banner ad that is displayed at the top of the Platform home page for 24 hours and is visible on the platform website and applications.

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In-App Banner

In-app banner advertising involves displaying rectangular graphic banners at the top, bottom, or sides of an application. This method enables businesses to showcase their advertisements within the app’s interface.

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Squeeze Ups

Squeeze-ups provide businesses with the flexibility to showcase their advertisements in both portrait and landscape formats during relevant moments of the game.

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IPL 2024  on JioCinema: Understanding the Targeting Options

These targeting options for advertising in JioCinema:

Geo Clusters

Geo-cluster targeting is essentially utilizes geographic location as the key decision factor, whereas marketing geographics entails segmenting the consumer market into smaller, more manageable segments depending on place.

Audience Targeting

With audience targeting, you may split your whole audience of potential clients into groups based on a range of characteristics such as online behavioral habits, demographics, interests, and purpose. Audience targeting facilitates the delivery of customized and optimum experiences based on customer requests and interests.

Device Targeting

Device targeting enables you to display advertising to individuals based on the device they are using. Device targeting is a Google adverts service that allows you to control which adverts appear on which devices. It allows you to construct mobile-only campaigns, tablet-specific ad variants, and desktop ad groups with various bidding techniques.

Google Ads offers three options: desktop, mobile, and tablet. One may also break things down further by focusing on certain operating systems.

Language targeting

Language-based targeting is essentially targeting people who speak a certain language that the company want to reach. This allows firms to reach out to potential customers in the language they understand and feel.

Unveiling the Campaign Plan Calculator for IPL 2024

The IPL Advertising Calculator 2024 by The Media Ant aims at providing a great calculating tool, especially for the brands and advertisers who intend to optimize their ad campaign during the Indian Premiere League (IPL) of its upcoming season. For instance, this unique calculator is created to drive use in firms’ efforts to position their budget and strategy ahead of the popular sporting event.

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Ipl 2024 Advertising On Jiocinema & Star Sports: A Complete Guide 28

How to calculate the cost of advertising on IPL 2024 on JioCinema?

Understanding the IPL advertising rates can be quite confusing because of the targeting levels and ad length. 

  • In order to apply this IPL 2024 Ad Calculator Tool for strategic purposes, start with obtaining information on your investment budget since it serves as the basis of your planning. Second, set geographic targeting so the ads get to your desired area locations.
  •  The tool has more specific demographic and language targeting ranging features that helps to make your ads sounds around the audiences. In addition, it offers cases for upgraded ad position and audience targeting on interests and behavior. 
  • Choose targeted IPL 2024 matches that fit your advertising purposes for the best effects. Lastly, ensure that your plan in the tool is conforming to desired goals and budget.

Want to know an estimate of what would be your IPL 2024  budget?

Exploring the Diverse Sponsorship Opportunities in IPL 2024

  • The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is happy to confirm that the Tata Group will be their title sponsor for a five-year period from IPL 20conclave. This deal valued at Rs 2500 crore ($379 million) is a record-deal amount and the highest ever sponsorship sum in IPL’s history. The substantial financial investment by the Tata Group highlights just how big and influential IPL is on a global scale and as well, its presence in the world of sports.
  • TATA Group is not a new partner of the IPL, having been its title sponsor for both men’s and women leagues.
  • If the agreement with Tata Group is not a new milestone in IPL history, then that certainly reestablishes it as one of sport’s most important events on an international level.
  • The wide market share in the world can be seen from its brand value which is estimated to $8.4 billion and that media rights were sold at 6.2 billion dollars for future period::3-7
  • Such sponsorship is a reflection of the IPL as the richest T20 tournament in the world, having top international players and franchise owners who are celebrities.
  • Its continued growth and success story are evident from the fact that it has been able to get high-value sponsorships, making secure its place as a force in the world of sports.
  • The international reachability of the league is matched by that of Tata Group, which spreads across various global industries. Therefore this partnership makes quite a sense.

Why Connected TV is the Game-Changer for IPL 2024 Advertisers

CTV is rapidly shifting the ad space particularly during premier shows like lPL 2024. CTV’s increased popularity is due to several reasons as discussed before it has a greater degree of interactivity, targeting precision and better measurement tools which are interesting for any advertiser.

S, it can be assumed that connected TV will contribute to increasing digital viewership and advertising spends in the impending IPL 2024. As per the latest Kantar ICUBE Report, there are more than 28 million Connected TVs in India with nearly some 103 million people watching content over CTV. This figure is projected to rise significantly during IPL 2024, at which point it will be a sizable number of over 100 million viewers accessing content on their CTVs

In fact, it appears that Connected TV certainly is turning out to be a jackpot for the advertisers in IPL 2024. Given its growing popularity, improved interactivity, and more precise targeting prospects attributed to CTV as a platform present advertising firms with an opportunity for further outreach of the consumer base. But making sense of this geography is a much more complex affair and one must be strategic in managing the competing issues while grasping hold on favorable opportunities.

Case Studies: Successful Advertising Campaigns During IPL 

CoinSwitch Kuber: Engaging India’s Tech-Savvy Youth in Crypto Investing

C6Ikn8Oeierrnasvm0B8Jocy6Dbiir 9Jk A2Kdmnommdius2N3Rmnmqezgqyfghz

Brand: CoinSwitch Kuber

Category: Trading (Cryptocurrency)

Campaign Objective: To improve the outreach of CoinSwitch Kuber among young & tech-savvy Indians using Disney+ Hotstar during IPL 2021, targeting a population with an implicit tendency towards adopting new investment avenues.

Approach & Targeting: The innovative campaigns enabled CoinSwitch Kuber to harness the platform of IPL 2021 for higher brand visibility targeting a segmented, premium audience with ad formats on offer as mid-rolls and companion carousals.

Impact: In terms of effectiveness, the campaign was very successful at improving both awareness and purchase intent; it managed to attain a 18% uplift in overall audiences’ aided support while also registering an impressive result for younger consumers aged 18-24 with 27%. In addition, it encouraged a 10% improvement on overall purchase intent and a notable spike of the core younger group by 20%.

PhonePe’s IPL Sponsorship Success: 49.3M Reach and 9% Rise in Purchase Intent

Mdt Ni3Kjr98Evy Ndrbnxiuvd1R Oy

Brand:  Phonepe

Category:  Digital Payments and Financial Services

Campaign Objective: PhonePe aimed to enhance brand recall and consideration for its ‘payments’ product. Leveraging the influential platform of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the company sought to reinforce its presence in the digital payments sector and attract a wider user base.

Approach & Targeting: The ways PhonePe accomplished these objectives in IPL 2021 were diverse and evolving, especially in the position of an associate sponsor on Disney+ Hotstar. They developed their campaign with an emphasis on keeping viewers tuned in during the extended period of tourney. This was accomplished by segmenting the campaign into two phases, where every phase consisted of five short but effective cuts to maintain a static pattern.

Different ad formats were utilized to ensure that their communication is highly effective. These were inclusive of the prerolls designed especially for non-PhonePe users, midrolls on Connected TV and Mobile platforms, branded moments based on the critical players, video duets for social feed users as well as squeeze up advertisements during crucial cricket situations like the dismissal of wickets.

This tactical application of diverse ad formats was critical to keeping the viewers interested and cast the net wider.

Impact:  PhonePe’s campaign had a significant and large-reaching effect. What is more, they reached the best penetration among associate sponsors of which there were 49.3 million viewers and made as many as 1.6 billion impressions.

This remarkable range was amplified by significant gains in aiding awareness, which showed 11% increase within the category of age group from age 18-24 and also with an increment of 9% within the segment of 25+.

Moreover, the campaign not only managed significant traction in terms of purchase intent it recorded 10% uplift amongst the 18-24 years followed by a 9% for those above.

Besides there was a lift of 9% in online ad awareness among different age groups. These findings not only showed that PhonePe could employ this strategic approach in its advertising and be effective during the IPL but also the rising prominence of the brand in digital payment.

IPL 2024 Advertising Rates on Jio Cinema

Following is a table describing the IPL 2024 ad rates :

Video ₹ 0.165 Per Impression
Banner₹ 0.083 Per Impression
Connected TV₹ 41,250 Per Spot
Masthead Banner₹ 50,00,000 Per Campaign
PPL Partner Package ₹ 6,00,00,000 Per Package
VOD Package ₹ 1,75,00,000 Per Package
Highlights Partner ₹ 15,00,00,000 Per Package

Maximizing Returns in IPL 2024: Advanced Metrics for Evaluating Your JioCinema Ad Campaign Performance

One of the biggest questions advertisers have when opting for digital advertising is- how to independently confirm the delivery of the ads? Here is a tip. 

While advertising on IPL 2024 on JioCinema, brands can opt for a 3rd party install/attribution measurement software as well as brand lift studies to help understand the performance of their campaign (at a nominal cost).

Want to know more about 3rd party installs/ attribution software? Check out our article on top 5 digital marketing attribution software.

Following are some of the most popular 3rd party trackers:

  1. AppsFlyer
  2. Branch
  3. Double Click Manager
  4. Adding
  5. Sizmek
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