IPL 2022 Advertising Budget Calculator (For Hotstar Video Ads)

Ipl 2021 Budget Calculator

The most frequently asked question on IPL 2022 Advertising has been

“How much will it cost to advertise in IPL 2022 on Hotstar?”

While when it comes to television, the number can always be quoted in terms of per 10-sec but when it comes to digital, there’s another catch- Targeting levels and targeting options. Hence, we always tell you the advertising rates for IPL 2022 on Hotstar is “depends on various factors.”

Guess what, we are tired of giving the same answer.

So, here we are with a very simple Excel based calculator that can help you in estimating the advertising budget.

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So, why should you advertise in IPL 2022 on Hotstar?

Hotstar is known for its affluent audience with high propensity to purchase. Advertising on Hotstar not only gives you a chance to reach out to the IPL viewers during live matches but also helps you reach out to the relevant target audience through the use of audience filters.

  1. Affluent audience: As you know since the last year, IPL matches have gone behind the paywall. This simply means that if anyone wants to watch IPL beyond 5 mins, they would have to subscribe to the platform. And to subscribe, they would be using some online payment. Not only this, according to Hotstar, here are some data on what kind of penetration Hotstar has among the following cohorts (based on interest):
    1. Travel & Holiday: 66% of annual travelers
    1. Education: 40% are graduates/diploma holders
    1. Online Shopping: 66% of monthly online shoppers
    1. Ownership: >70% penetration in premium durable
    1. Entertainment: 90% penetration in paid OTT apps audience
    1. Financial: 70% penetration in investors of stocks and MFs
  2. Relevant Targeting: You are present in metro only? You sell luxury goods? You are a B2B finance company? Whatever be your need, Hotstar has relevant targeting options for you. This year, Hotstar has come up with 25+ targeting groups to select from including geography, connected TV, Premium devices etc.
  3. Low barrier to entry: IPL Advertising has always been considered as a game meant for big-ticket advertisers. However, it’s going to change with IPL 2021 advertising rates which allow brands to start advertising at a starting package of INR 5 lakh with a CPM rate of INR 180 for a 10-sec ad which means 18 paise per view!

What type of ads can you place on Hotstar during IPL matches?

Hotstar is very popular among brands for its video advertising. Video advertising during live streaming of IPL matches is the most preferred ad type for brands as it ensures the highest engagement. It’s known as the mid-roll ads. Mid-roll video ads are 10-30 sec non-skippable ads that would be played during the over breaks, drink breaks and other breaks during the live streaming of matches. These ads are very effective in terms of branding because they are long enough to narrate a touching story and are delivered to an audience that is highly engaged in the match. Only one level of targeting is possible for mid-roll video ads. Visit TMA IPL 2022 website page to know more about other Hotstar ad types for IPL 2022. Click here.

What are the various filters to target audience?

One thing that sets Hotstar apart from other mediums is the ability to filter audience during live streaming of matches. There are three types of targeting available- Geography, Audience and Premium Device. Visit TMA IPL 2022 website page to know more about other Hotstar audience filters for IPL 2022. Click here.

How much money do I need to spend to advertise on IPL 2022 on Hotstar?

This is the most common question we face. Hence, we have created a simple Excel-based calculator that would help you estimate your advertising budget for IPL on Hotstar platform.

You need to input

  • The video length
  • Targeting required
  • The number of matches you would like to advertise in

In the next three columns, you would get the

  • CPM: based on video length and targeting option
  • Number of expected impressions
  • Expected Cost of your campaign

* Note–

The budget does not include GST

The budget mentioned is just the recommended budget, Hotstar accepts ad campaigns starting at INR 1 Lakh

You can request for the IPL 2022 Advertising Budget Calculator from here.

After downloading the sheet, you can access it any software which accept excel files, like MS office, WPS, Google Sheets.

To know more, just shoot us an email at help@themediaant.com

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