ICC World Cup 2023 Surpasses Ad Revenue Projections, Digital Advertising Takes the Lead

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World Cup 2023 exceeded projected ad revenue, with a twofold increase in digital ad spending compared to the 2019 edition. The boost is attributed to robust viewership during India matches, particularly the final showdown between India and Australia, which set a new viewership record.

ICC World Cup 2023 has outperformed revenue expectations, particularly in the digital realm, with ad spending doubling compared to the 2019 edition. The impressive viewership, especially during crucial India matches, notably the final against Australia, contributed to Disney Star’s ad revenues exceeding the anticipated 25% rise to approximately Rs 3,000 crore. Digital platforms, especially Disney+Hotstar, played a significant role in this success, attracting 59 million viewers during the finals.

India’s outstanding performance in CWC 2023, resulting in 29 million concurrent viewers on average for their 11 matches, surpassed any other tournament on digital. The festive season further bolstered ad revenues for Disney Star. Interestingly, India matches on Disney+Hotstar achieved the highest Cost Per Mile (CPM) ever at Rs 400-450, a 20-25% increase compared to IPL, attributed to CWC 2023’s broader audience, India team’s superior performance, and free content on OTT platforms.

Non-India matches, in contrast, recorded lower average concurrent viewership, emphasizing the significant draw of India matches. Ad spend on digital for the World Cup doubled compared to the 2019 edition, reaching Rs 900-950 crore on Disney+Hotstar. TV ad spend for CWC 2023 grew by 25% compared to 2019, totaling Rs 2,200-2,300 crore (TV and digital), driven by sectors such as FMCG, consumer durables, and e-commerce.

The FMCG sector capitalized on the widespread audience, consumer durables increased spending during the festive season, and e-commerce giants like Amazon significantly boosted their ad budgets. The tournament’s impact on India’s advertising landscape is evident, with a 19% growth in average ad volumes per match compared to ICC World Cup 2019 and a notable increase in the count of categories and brands.

The positive influence of CWC 2023 on India’s ad expenditure is projected to be 2.5% in 2023, with an estimated AdEx growth of 14% in the second half of the year, driven by the festive season and the cricket World Cup. This surge in ad spending reflects a broader recovery and consumer engagement trend, emphasizing the substantial impact of the Cricket World Cup on India’s advertising landscape.

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