ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Advertising on Hotstar in 5 questions

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Missed the golden opportunity of advertising during IPL and elections? Want to reinforce your IPL advertising campaign? Worry not! Here are 5 most common questions about ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising answered by our experts:

1. Why advertise in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

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Advertising in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 can be beneficial to your brand because of the following reasons:

  • Cricket World Cup is the biggest event in the sports of cricket, taking place once in 4 years. In a country obsessed with cricket, it is one of the biggest crowd pullers of the year. Especially, matches between India and Pakistan are deemed no less than a war. The level of engagement the audience has during Cricket tournaments is unparalleled.
  • The love for cricket in India has become global after the rise of IPL. People follow their favorite sports stars outside the Indian team. Hence, people also watch matches of other teams apart from India.
  • Cricket Fantasy Games and event-driven discounts offered by many big brands play a major role in driving viewership and loyalty irrespective of the teams. (As seen in IPL 2019)

2. Why is Hotstar the best platform for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising?

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Hotstar is the official digital broadcasting partner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising. Following are some snippets of performance of Hoststar during IPL 2019

  • The first 3 weeks of IPL 2019 have garnered about 267 million viewers as compared to 202 million viewers for the entire period of IPL 2018.
  • RCB vs MI match on 28thMarch 2019 created a new record of highest concurrent viewership- 12.7 million
  • Hotstar has already surpassed YouTube and is the country’s most accessed video platform with 300 million monthly active users.

Apart from the popularity, following are some reasons why Hoststar is the best platform for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising:

  • Better control over who sees the ad: Just like IPL 2019, advertisers would have the option to choose either geography or gender targeting
    • Geography Targeting

One or more states (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha)


Hindi Speaking Markets


All the metro cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai)

  • Gender Targeting

Female (All age groups)

Advertisers can also target India only matches during the world cup at a premium.

  • Interactive & clickable ads: Ads on Hotstar are clickable hence chances of conversion is higher. Also, there is options to opt for interactive ads which would enable the audience to carry out transactions without even leaving the screen.
  • Higher brand recall rate: According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, Hotstar users have higher brand recall rate and inclination towards fashion and apparels, food, online ticket booking, telecom etc.




3. Who should opt for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising on Hotstar over ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 advertising on Television?

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  • Audience targeting required- Advertising on Hotstar enables advertisers to target their preferred audience on basis of pre-defined cohorts like age, gender and location. Brands that have their audience located in specific geographies or gender or age should opt for Hotstar advertising.
  • Apt for brands with lower budget assigned for World Cup Advertising- A 10-sec advertising spot on television may cost more than 10 lakh rupees with no guarantee on how many people would watch the advertisement.

On Hotstar during ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, for a 10-sec ad, advertisers have to pay INR 120 for 1000 impressions* (without targeting) and INR 240 for 1000 impressions (with targeting). The biggest advantage of advertising on Hotstar is that the advertiser can be assured that the predetermined number of impressions would be delivered to the audience of their choice.

*impressions refer to ad views of digital ads or number of times digital ads are displayed on the screen.

  • Brand Awareness along with Performance: Playing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ads on Hotstar is very useful for brand awareness but along with the ads, there are clickable links and interactive cards which makes conversion easier.

4. What are the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Hotstar Advertising Rates?

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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Hotstar advertising rates for video advertising start from as low as INR 120 CPM for a 10 sec ad. In case of ads with targeting options enabled, the CPM would be INR 240 CPM for a 10 sec ad. By default, the total impressions would be divided among matches involving India and other teams in the ratio 70:30. For detailed pricing, visit www.themediaant.com

5. How do I know how many people have actually watched my ads?

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Hotstar would share campaign performance report at regular intervals. Also, Hotstar would be providing third party analytics, Seismic for a non-biased tracking as a value add.

To know more about advertising in World Cup 2019, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com


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