How to advertise in Pro Kabaddi League 7 on Hotstar?

Advertise During Pro Kabaddi League On Hotstar


  • Pro Kabaddi League 7 is commencing on 20th July 2019 and ending on 19th October 2019
  • The expected reach of the entire tournament is expected to be 22million
  • Pro Kabaddi League 7 viewership mostly consist of urban male in the age group of 18-35
  • Pro Kabaddi League 7 Advertising Rates on Hotstar is INR 120 CPM for 10-sec video ads
  • To know more, please send a mail to Help@TheMediaAnt.comor read the article.

About Pro Kabaddi League 7

Pro Kabaddi League is a Kabaddi League being organized in India, on same lines as the Indian Premier League. It was launched in 2014 with great fanfare. After successfully completing 6 seasons, Pro Kabaddi League 7 is commencing on 20th July 2019. There are 12 teams, named after popular states and cities in India. The popular sporting event would end on 19th October 2019.

Pro Kabaddi League 7 is going to be bigger with greater reach and engagement than previous seasons. Advertisers who are looking for best platforms for running brand awareness campaigns should look no further. Advertising on Pro Kabaddi League 7 on Hotstar is the best what this sporting season has to offer.

How much would it cost to advertise in Pro Kabaddi League on Hotstar?

One of the challenges that first-time advertisers and SMEs face while considering advertising in popular sporting events is high campaign budget required. The minimum advertising budgets required by advertising platforms like television is often a deterrent. This is the biggest advantage of Hotstar Advertising. Pro Kabaddi League 7 Advertising Rates for a 10-sec video ad spot on Hotstar is Rs 0.12. This would mean that 1000 impressions of the video ad would cost INR 120. The minimum advertising budget required for the campaign to go through is INR 1 Lakh.

How can I advertise in Pro Kabaddi League 7 on Hotstar?

To know more about advertising in Pro Kabaddi League 7 on Hotstar, you can refer to the media deck, write a mail to or visit Pro Kabaddi League 7 Advertising.

What makes Pro Kabaddi League 7 attractive to advertisers?

High on Action Matches

Kabaddi being a contact sport, full of action, packed in a 40-minute time slot gives an edge of the seat experience to the audience. It’s a mixture of resilience, agility, presence of mind and brute force that makes this game interesting and engaging.

Pro Kabaddi League Advertising

Source: Hotstar Media Deck

Engaged Audience

According to Hotstar, people on average spend 20 minutes/per day watching Pro Kabaddi League, which is half of the total match duration. The audience profile of an average Pro Kabaddi League viewer is very similar to that of a cricket viewer. About 70% of the Pro Kabaddi Viewers also watch cricket matches.

Pro Kabaddi League Advertising On Hotstar

Source: Hotstar Media Deck

Urban Male-dominated Young Audience

Advertising during Pro Kabaddi League on Hotstar would enable advertisers to target the male population, mostly in the age group of 18-35 years in urban regions of India. Brands in the categories like Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle, BFSI, Electronics, Fantasy Games, etc would be the ideal advertisers for the sporting event.

Advertise On Pro Kabaddi League 7 On Hotstar

Why should you advertise in Pro Kabaddi League 7?

1. Rising Popularity of Pro Kabaddi League

Pro Kabaddi League was launched in 2014 and since then, the Kabaddi series has garnered a lot of attention both from audience and brands. Following is a popularity graph for Pro Kabaddi League over the last 5 years.

Advertising Rates For Pro Kabaddi League 7

2. Brand Association with Pro Kabaddi League

In present times, when nationalism is at its peak and all things Indian, including Yoga and spirituality, is gaining popularity globally, Kabaddi being an indigenous sport of India, isn’t a game alone. It is a part of national identity. With the #LePanga campaign, Pro Kabaddi League has built a strong association with Indian culture, courage, resilience, quirk, and humor and the advertising brands have leveraged this factor.

Over the last five years several brands like Vivo, Thums Up, Gillette, Tata Motors and Honda have boosted their brand image through promoting or advertising during Pro Kabaddi League.

3. The Hotstar Advantage

Recently, Hotstar surpassed YouTube in terms of Monthly Active Users with 300 Million monthly active users during IPL 2019. Hotstar has emerged as the most preferred video advertising platform in the past few years, especially during live sports. Following are some statistic that supports the argument:

Hotstar users have higher brand recall rate and inclination towards fashion and apparels, food, online ticket booking, telecom etc.

Hotstar Advertising For Pkl 7

Advertise During Pro Kabaddi Leagie 7

Hotstar users are more inclined towards sports

Advertising In Kabaddi Matches

Want to know more about Pro Kabaddi League 7 Advertising Rates? Visit Pro Kabaddi 7 Advertising  or fill the form below:

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