Case Study: How Adda52 Used Regional Digital News Platforms To Increase The Sign-Ups

adda 52 case study

The Product 

Adda 52 is one of India’s largest online gaming platform to play poker with a userbase of over 2.5 million. The platform offers varieties of cash games, and fun tournaments to win prizes. You can play games by creating your room with your friends or join the private tables. 

The games can be played on their official website or their Android/IOS app. 


  • Increase the sign-ups on the platform 

Target Audience

  • Local Digital Audience- male, 20-44 age group 


  • Southern region and Maharashtra. 


  • The popular digital platforms like Google and Facebook doesn’t allow the promotion of real-money based games. Hence, the challenge was to choose those digital advertising platforms which allow the promotion of such games to reach out to the target audience. 


Due to the pandemic, people were forced to stay at home which increased the dependency on digital platforms for almost all our daily life activities, especially for entertainment and consuming news. Which also resulted in increasing the number of visitors to news websites for consuming news as an alternative to the newspaper. 

Based on our article on “How to promote online rummy and online poker games”:

  • The real money card games are more popular in southern and some of the western regions of the country like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pune, and Mumbai.  
  • Real money card games are usually preferred by the male in the range of 20-44 years. 

Hence, we chose the digital platforms which allow the promotion of real money card-based games & are common in the southern and the western regions among the target audience. 

Real Money Based Card Games Audience Profile
Audience profile of the real money card based games:


Keeping the approach in mind, based on the experience and past campaign executions, following digital advertising platforms were suggested

  1. Vijay Karnataka– Vijay Karnataka’s online website is one of the leading news entities in Karnataka for consuming news in Kannada. The platform covers various news topics thoroughly which makes it highly likable in the region.  The platform also allows geography targeting which helped the brand in reaching out to the relevant audience.    
  1. DailyThanti– Daily Thanthi is the highest circulated Tamil Daily published from Tamil Nadu. The website has over a million daily visitors consuming news in Tamil. The website publishes various topics including current affairs, district/city wise news, star signs, live feeds, etc. The platform allows geography targeting which helped the brand in reaching out to the right set of audiences. 
  1. Lokmat– Lokmat is the largest read regional newspaper in Maharashtra. The digital variant of the same is quite popular among Marathi readers. The website allows geography targeting which helped the brand in targeting the Maharashtrian audience. 
  1. Sakal– Sakal is a Marathi-language daily newspaper by Sakal Media Group. It ranks among the top 10 language dailies of India and is one of the largest circulated Marathi newspaper. The digital platform of the Sakal holds the same popularity among its fans. Hence, the platform helped in increasing brand awareness. 

Campaign Execution 

Here’s are some of the eye-catching and engaging content that Adda 52 came up with for the chosen platforms-

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