Headlines: Top media ad news in India for the week (Date: 18th January – 24th January 2022)

News channels have seen a 12% growth in advertising spends in 2021 when compared to 2022. According to TAM AdEx, Reckitt Benckiser grabbed the top spot as top advertiser in the news channel category for the last 10 months in 2021. 

TV18 has reported a growth of Rs 1,567 Cr in the third quarter of 2022. The massive growth in their revenue is due to their entertainment and TV news verticals which saw a considerable increase in viewership. 

Industry experts state that there are a lot of benefits that come to media buyers with the adoption of a programmatic approach in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), like high flexibility, real-time metric visibility and reporting at a glance. (Source- E4M)

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform owned by Meta, has recently launched a new feature called subscriptions, which aims at a new way of monetization. This new move is expected to attract a lot of young users and creators to the platform. 

Mobile marketing firm InMobi has released the India Mobile Marketing Handbook 2022. The three takeaways according to the report are- brands need to understand their customers with mobile-first consumer intelligence. Second, they should meet the customers where they are with gaming and mobile video. Lastly, brands should enable customers with informative immersive experiences. (Source- E4M)

Amazon & Flipkart have collectively garnered advertising revenue of Rs 3900 crore in the year 2021. (Source- E4M)

RAM Ratings Week 48’21- Week 51’21: Fever FM remains on the top spot in Mumbai & Delhi again. Big FM retained its lead in Bangalore, while Radio Mirchi maintained its top position in the Kolkata chart.

BARC’s top 5 advertisers of week 2 (8th January – 14th January 2022)  are – Hindustan Lever Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd, PONDS INDIA, Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd., Cadburys India LTD.

According to BARC weekly data, the following were the top 5 paid TV channels in week 2 (8th January – 14th January 2022) – 

Paid– Sun TV, STAR Utsav, Star Plus, Star Maa, Dhinchaak.

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