Go-Jek Super App Campaign: Geeks Bore, No More!


Here is the Deadpool of App Advertising Campaigns. When was the last time you massacred your replay button playing an app advertisement churning out mundane details like app functions, reach, etc.? From Netflix’s Stranger Things to Urban Dictionary’s coolest gems, this ad has everything to strike a chord with the millennial audience and go viral.

Here is the superhero of Apps, a super App Go-Jek. Check it out

Campaign Details

Client: Go-Jek Tech, the product-development and training centre of the most popular Indonesian super-app Go-Jek.

Objective: To attract talent for hiring

Target Audience: Developers based in Bangalore

Geography: Bangalore

Media Selected:

  • Digital: Inshorts, Book My Show
  • Non-Traditional: Tech Parks, Volvo Buses-Exterior
  • Outdoor: Bangalore Airport, Hoardings
  • Cinema Halls in Bangalore
  • Radio Stations: Red FM, Fever FM, Radio Indigo, Radio One

Execution Images:

Gojek Feb19 Kiab 1 12

Bus Shelter 2

Go Jek Feb19 Kiab 1 2
















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