Facebook – The Best free advertising tool

With one sixth of the world’s population using it, no wonder Facebook is the most powerful advertising tool for any marketer. While Facebook provides both free and paid advertising options, this blog is about the free marketing available in Facebook.

Facebook Business is similar to Google My Business. Once this page is created, any search happening either for your brand or the category, your Facebook Business page would appear. While your page competes with million other similar pages to appear, Facebook uses it’s understanding of these searches and show the most relevant business pages. A business with multiple locations can have multiple listings under same umbrella business. For e.g. a cake shop with 8 branches need not create 8 different pages. A single page with 8 locations is acceptable and depending on where and what the user is searching for, the right location would appear.

Facebook business listing can happen either through a Facebook page of listing as Facebook places.







Another powerful tool in free Facebook advertising is posts. A post is text or image mention on your page.. This is shown to a set of FB users for free and if found relevant is then shown to a greater audience.

So, if you are planning to advertise, ensure your Facebook page is up and live with images and posts.

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