Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email Marketing Best Practices

In a recent survey of marketing professionals, email marketing came to the top in terms of performance. Email marketing is almost no cost marketing effort, scalable and can be tested. These features make email marketing a darling of every marketer.

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Here are a few best practices and tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Create a clean list – Know who are you sending the mail to. Sending mails to random email ids and junk database destroys your email credibility. Mails start going to spam over a period of time
  2. Good subject line – Unless the subject line is enticing enough, no one is going to open the mail. High Open Rate is fundamental to any successful email marketing
  3. Clear call to action – End of the day, you want people to open the mail, read the mail and take an action. After the 3rd step clear and a single Call to action. Multiple call to actions, confuse the users and is not the right practice
  4. Test multiple subject lines and call to action. It takes time for perfection
  5. Split your email list in multiple smaller units for testing and iteration
  6. Be regular and predictable in sending mails.  Mail sending engines do not like sudden change in frequency or quantity of mail sending
  7. Start with text mails initially
  8. Have an active unsubscribe link
  9. Don’t over do it
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