Digital Advertising: 5 Tips to generate leads on your landing page

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You have a very successful digital advertisement campaign running. You are getting a significant share of impressions and have a high Click Through Rate. Majority of these clicks are getting converted into website traffic too. But how do you ensure these website visitors are actually engaging with your website. How do you ensure that the website traffic gets converted into verified leads? Here are a few tips:

5 Tips To Generate Leads On Your Landing Page

1. Enable Live Chat on Your Landing Page

Having a live chat option on the website lets your visitors connect to you in real-time. It can be really valuable in terms of customer engagement and customer experience. Here are a few instant chat services that can help you.

If you are a small business then you might face the following issues:

  • Lack of dedicated resource for live chat
  • The high cost of having a chat option
  • Managing contacts

In this case, you can opt for a simple option like Tiny Plug. With the world moving on to mobile-first strategy, most of the traffic we receive nowadays are on the mobile website. People don’t want to wait. They want to be able to call up the business on a click. Tiny Plug makes this really simple for small businesses. Here’s how:

  • Tiny Plug WhatsApp chat widget helps website visitors contact the business on one click without having to save the number and even type the first message. It makes the process so quick and seamless, a verified lead would be in your WhatsApp inbox within seconds.
  • It doesn’t need an expert to be installed. Just place the code in the HTML footer file of your website and forget it. You get a dashboard to manage all changes after this- phone number, widget appearance, Pre-filled messages, etc.
  • The dashboard also comes with a daily analytics section that tells you how many people interacted with the Tiny Plug widgets.

We have tried the Tiny Plug widget on our website and it has accounted for 30% more leads on a daily basis.

You too can get your free 14-day trial by clicking here.

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2. Keep Contact Forms Short & Sweet

Though having an instant chat button works the best, some clients might be in a hurry and would not like to engage in a chat. A short and simple contact form might be able to help them out. Following are a few pointers we must keep in mind while designing the contact form:

  • Keep a limited number of fields to be filled by the visitors (maximum 3).
  • Introduce drop-downs and check-boxes wherever possible.
  • After the visitors submit the form, let them know an estimated time to get back to them.

5 Tips To Generate Leads On Your Landing Page

3. Place your CTA Buttons above the fold

Above the fold refers to the area on the website that a visitor first sees when he/she lands on a website. It is very important to utilize this area in the best way because it’s like the first impression. People would scroll down only when they find value in the content appearing above the fold.

Placing your CTA buttons above the fold makes them easily visible to the visitors. It is ok to place multiple CTA buttons on the same page but it is absolutely advisable that the first one should be above the fold.

5 Tips To Generate Leads On Your Landing Page

4. Highlight Your Benefits

The sole purpose of clicking on the digital ad for the audience is to know more about your product/services featured on the advertisement. Hence, it is the most important information that should be there on the landing page for the digital ad. One must ensure that the benefits/features related to the product or service must be highlighted/easily visible on the landing page. Following are a few tips:

  • Know your target audience: What is their pain-point? How can your product/service solve their problems? Highlight the same.
  • The digital ad content and the benefits mentioned on the landing page should be related and should make sense.
  • Do not mention more than 3 benefits in one place.

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5. Add Testimonials from Real Customers

In this age of information overload, one information people don’t mind are product reviews and recommendations. Having testimonials from real customers help potential customers in the following way:

  • It shows that your products are being used in the market. It gives the potential customers an assurance that you have experience in the market.
  • Potential customers relate to the customers who have provided an account of their experience with your product.
  • People believe that customers giving testimonial means that the product has actually exceeded customer’s expectations. Hence, it helps build trust.

Hope this article helps you design the content for your landing page. In case you would like to know more, just drop a mail at We would be happy to help.

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