Did Jiocinema Cross 15 Cr Concurrent Viewership?

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During the live streaming of the 2nd T20I match between India and Australia on JioCinema, a surprising event occurred as the viewership counter on the platform surpassed 15 crore, leaving fans in a state of confusion. The counter initially displayed 10 crore views and continued to escalate, eventually reaching an unexpected 16.8 crore. The perplexity arose when it became apparent that JioCinema was not measuring concurrent viewership, as many would assume, but rather keeping track of the total number of views accumulated throughout the match.

This anomaly in the viewership count led to comparisons with other significant streaming events. For instance, during the final of the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Disney+ Hotstar recorded the highest concurrent viewership of 5.9 crore. In contrast, JioCinema’s peak concurrent viewership was 3.2 crore during the IPL 2023 final. The stark difference between these figures added to the astonishment of the audience.

The social media reaction was a mix of disbelief and confusion, with users expressing their skepticism about the validity of the 16.4 crore viewership figure. Many emphasized that this number represented total views and not the number of simultaneous viewers during the live stream.

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Interestingly, some users also reported encountering issues with JioCinema during the 1st T20I between India and Australia in 2023. They received a message prompting them to update their app, adding a layer of concern regarding the reliability and performance of the platform.


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