Cinema Advertising In Kolkata

Cinema Advertising In Kolkata

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Why go for cinema advertising in Kolkata?

Are you looking for a new marketing strategy for your new launched product or are the traditional television or newspaper not giving you the business that you want in Kolkata? Cinema Advertising in Kolkata is one of the newest avenues that you can try out to grab the attention of the city. Why advertising in cinemas of Kolkata will work? Are rates for advertising in cinemas of Kolkata worth it? Will you get the best rates to advertise in Kolkata cinema?

To further understand the advantages of advertising in Cinema of Kolkata, one needs to understand the impact a brand gets when they place an ad in the theatres of Kolkata. Impact of good cinema campaign in Kolkata would depend on the reach of cinemas in Kolkata and also the cost of placing ads in Kolkata cinemas.  Last but not the least, whether cinema advertising will work in Kolkata depends on the execution by the agency. A good cinema advertising agency in Kolkata will not only ensure a very good rate, thereby improving your Cinema advertising ROI, they also ensure a flawless execution.

What is the reach one possibly gets by advertising in Cinema of Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the largest cities of India and is aptly called the City of Joy with its large number of festivals and enthusiastic people happy to celebrate life at any excuse. From Durga Puja to Christmas, Kolkatans do not miss out on anything and the specialty of their celebrations is it should start and end with a movie show. Even in these days of CDs and home theatres, Bengalis love to get ready, make a gang and go for a movie show. Thus, be it weekends or festival days, multiplexes in Kolkata are always overcrowded, with housefuls boards dangling outside. Hence if you want to promote your goods or services at the city, Cinema Advertising in Kolkata can provide to be a 360-degree marketing environment.

Diverse Customer Base

You find people from different socio economic background getting into the movie hall at Kolkata. One thing that makes cinema advertising more relevant at Kolkata is the presence of single screen movie halls; the city has maintained its tradition of movie watching on single screens. These halls have cheaper tickets than the multiplexes and hence you get to capture the low middle income group spectators here. Whatever you advertise; be it for a five-year-old kid or for the middle age group, you can get all at the same place. If you would choose any other media lot of strategies must be made; lot of planning must be done, but while planning to advertise in Cinemas of Kolkata you get all with just an onscreen presence.

Cinema Advertising in Kolkata
Kolkata Cinema Advertising example

Avoid the Avoidance

Rarely you will find a home in Kolkata where they do not go for cable channels or satellite TVs; which means whenever there is an advertisement, people tend to shift to other channels and are back only when the commercials have ended. So, what is the ultimate use for you to pour your money in an advertisement which people do not watch? This problem is solved at while advertising in the theatres of Kolkata. People here have the habit to reach halls much earlier than movie starts and you can utilize this time to showcase your products. Before the movie starts or during the interval you can promote your products and get undivided attention of the spectators.

Cinema Advertising in Kolkata
Innovative Kolkata Cinema Advertising

Create a Better Impact

Kolkata as a metro city has numerous multiplexes and the lighting and sound systems of PVR and Inox gives a different edge to your advertisements. People at Kolkata love the ambience of these multiplexes and they are always attracted to the visual oomph of these halls. Hence even if you have a normal setting for your advertisement, the same gets enhance here, creating an impact on the movie goers.

Save on Cost

Last but not the least; this is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising at Kolkata. Keeping in mind the huge number of movie buffs at the city, whatever cost you incur, the cost of placing ads in cinema theatres of Kolkata is low.

Some of the popular movie halls/ multiplexes of Kolkata are:

  • Jaya Cinema, Lake Town,
  • Inox, South City Mall
  • Inox, Swabhumi
  • Inox, City Center I
  • PVR, Diamond Plaza
  • Cinepolis, Acropolis Mall

Now as you know the major benefits that you can tap from Cinema Advertising in Kolkata, let us checkout in which ways cinema advertising agencies in Kolkata promotes your products.

  • Static slides
  • Audio slides
  • Ad films
  • Arch gates
  • Signage at ticket counters/ entrance
  • Cut outs
  • Seat branding
  • Ticket jackets
  • Flyers/ Pamphlets
  • Branding at snacks counters/ washrooms/parking
Offscreen Cinema Idea
Kolkata Cinema Offscreen Advertising

So, the cinema advertising agencies in Kolkata cover both the onscreen and off-screen cinema advertising on your behalf.

Cinema Advertising in Kolkata has clear advantages and if you want to utilize the same, The Media Ant is your single point of contact to place ads in any of the theatres in Kolkata. Why you should engage The Media Ant for executing your cinema campaign in Kolkata? Because,

  1. You can promote your small business at an economical rate. The Media Ant offers rational rates to advertise with the theaters of Kolkata. The Media Ant has offers special discounts throughout the year.
  2. The Media Ant has access to all the major single screen and multiplexes of Kolkata. Hence wherever you may want to promote your products, they act as a single point of contact.
  • They have customized advertising solutions for the advertisers. For example, you may choose from 10 second static slide to 60 second video.

Rates for advertising in the cinema screens of Kolkata also depend on the following factors.

  • Type of cinema screen
  • Type of slides (mute/video)
  • Length of advertisements
  • Onscreen/ off screen advertisement; if you are using onscreen advertisement modes, then rate is fixed for a week and the ad is shown in every show. If you have opted for off-screen advertisement modes, then the rate is fixed for a month.

Contact The Media Ant for Cinema Advertising in Kolkata to get a wide base of customer from this large metro city; transform the theatres as major advertising destinations for your products.


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