Case Study: How Slurrp Farm Leveraged Digital Medium To Increase Its Overall Sales.

1) The Product

Slurrp Farm is a start-up that offers a wide range of healthy, millet-based packaged food products that are good for the nutritional needs of young children.

The idea was to give parents a wide variety of yummy, healthy and natural food options for their little ones which they could trust with their eyes closed.

Founded in 2016, the Gurgaon-based early-stage company aims to revive the use of supergrains such as ragi, jowar and bajra by offering products in the kids’ food segment.

The company offers as many as 20 products, which include the puffed snacks, millet pancake mix, millet dosa mix, cereals, and cookies made with real butter. Their products have already made their debut on store shelves in the UAE and Singapore.

2) The Objective

The objective of the campaign was to-

Help the business grow 5x in volume by scaling directly to consumers, i.e. help the brand sell their product directly from the website. 

3) Target Audience

Parents who actively use e-commerce sites for baby related products especially high value goods.

4) Geography

Currently Slurrp Farm’s products are available at modern trade stores in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru, besides the e-commerce platforms. Hence, the geography was limited to these tier 1 cities only.

5) Challenge

The challenge was to filter out the following people-

Parents who would be open to trying a new food product for their kids and are users of online e-commerce sites for buying food products. 

Widen the consumer base of the brand with a strong focus on ‘direct-to-consumer’ channels through their own website, i.e, increasing their brand awareness.

6) Approach

While selecting the advertising platforms and keeping the objectives in mind, the following were some of the factors that were considered: 

Apart from a few tier 1 cities, Slurrp Farm’s products are available on e-commerce sites and on their website, hence targeting users who are already present on the digital mediums and are active users of such sites would be more effective and helpful. This group generally prefers promising brands and tech-driven solutions rather than local services.

The majority of new parents fall between the age group of 23- 38 years. Hence, targeting this group on popular platforms would give the brand more consideration. 

Although both parents share equal child rearing responsibility when it comes to young kids, females are naturally more concerned and aware regarding the dos and don’ts when it comes to the health of their young children. So targeting women a bit more than men would be better for the brand.

7) Solution 

Keeping the approach and objectives in mind, and based on the past campaign execution experience, the following were the digital platforms that were suggested:

Google Display – Google display advertising is considered as the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy, you can reach out to your targeted audience on your niche websites, apps, games or wherever your ad can appear through AdWords.

It offers targeting options like age, geo, profession, etc. Hence, Google display ads helped the brand to target the audience by custom intent which helped in driving the awareness as well as the website traffic to Slurrp Farm. 

Google Search – With the help of Google search ads, the brand drove the website traffic directly from the people who do an online search to buy food for their young ones.

Facebook – Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to reach out to the maximum number of audience. It’s high in reach and one of the most used social media platforms where people spend most of their spare time.

Also, it has relevant targeting options like Geography and other filters which makes it an effective platform for making the targeting more personalized.

Hence this platform was used to target parents and especially new mothers with children between the age group of 0-3 years; and parents who actively use e-commerce sites for baby related products especially high value goods.

YouTube– YouTube is the biggest platform for watching long and short video content which has a high popularity among children and adults alike. It also has its own kids friendly app called YouTube Kids that offers content especially oriented towards children. Hence video ads of the brand were run on the YouTube Kids app so as to directly target the relevant audience.

8) Campaign execution (creatives) The brand came up with interesting and compelling banner and video ads, some of which are as follows-

9) Results

The campaign resulted in 5x increase in total volume.

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