Case Study: How Responsive leveraged Digital Medium to increase brand awareness and generate traffic to their website

The Product/Service

With 30+ years of experience and presence in over 70 countries, Responsive is one of the leading Manufacturers and exporters of resilient vinyl flooring and PVC flooring in India. Responsive Industries have three product verticals: vinyl flooring, synthetic leather and luxury vinyl tire.

Objective of the campaign

The digital ad campaign of Responsive had two objectives-

  • To generate brand awareness.
  • To drive traffic to the company’s website.

Target Audience

The brand’s target audience was men and women between the age group of 25-55 years. This age group was targeted for accomplishing both the objectives of brand awareness and traffic generation. Also, language based targeting was used only in case of brand awareness campaign and not for traffic generation. The languages used were Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, English, Kannada and Malayalam.


The campaign of Responsive was executed PAN India.


Keeping the objective of the campaign (brand awareness and traffic generation) in mind, the following approach was taken before selecting the advertising platforms:

  • Since the campaign’s first major objective was to create brand awareness, those platforms were chosen that offer a good reach at affordable cost. For example YouTube and Facebook. Also, the targeted age group for the campaign (25-55 years) is generally an active user of the above mentioned sites.
  • The use of language based targeting: For brand awareness, language based targeting was used. The people were shown a video ad in different languages like- Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, English, Kannada and Malayalam.


Keeping the approach and objectives in mind, and based on the past campaign execution experience, the digital platforms suggested were: 

  • Facebook- The oldest yet most effective platform when it comes to digital advertising, Facebook has in depth, personalized targeting options that can catapult a brand awareness campaign to greater heights. A brand looking to reach the maximum number of audience? Again, this platform should be your top choice. So, when it came to fulfilling both the objectives of the campaign (awareness and traffic generation), this platform seemed the most fitting for the job.
  • YouTube– When it comes to brand awareness campaign, there are very few platforms that give a high reach as YouTube. With almost all category of brands advertising here, the platform offers different ad options and personalized targeting to suit your campaign’s needs. Some common YouTube ads options are- Skippable in-stream video ads, non-skippable in stream video ads, Bumper ads, Discovery ads, Masthead ads, Display ads.

(To get an in-depth understanding of both the above mentioned platforms, read our Media Kundli on Facebook and YouTube)

Campaign execution (creatives)

The brand came up with interesting video and banner ads, which are as follows-

Results of the campaign

  • The traffic on the company’s website went up by 50%.
  • For the video ad (45 sec), the view percentage was 9%.

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