Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC)

BARC, short for Broadcast Audience Research Council, is an industry body in India responsible for providing television audience measurement and ratings. It collects data from a sample panel of households and uses advanced methodologies to estimate television viewership patterns and audience demographics. The ratings provided by BARC are widely used by broadcasters, advertisers, and marketers to make informed decisions about programming, advertising strategies, and media buying.

Significance and Usage 

BARC is significant as it offers reliable and comprehensive viewership data that helps broadcasters, advertisers, and media agencies make informed decisions regarding program selection, ad placements, and media planning. BARC data provides insights into audience demographics, reach, and engagement, enabling stakeholders to assess the popularity and effectiveness of TV programs and advertising campaigns.


BARC releases weekly ratings that indicate the viewership numbers for various television channels and programs. For instance, a popular reality show may receive high ratings, indicating that it has attracted a large audience. Advertisers can use this information to determine the popularity of different programs and channels and make decisions on where to allocate their advertising budgets effectively.

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