Are you leaving out Gen X from your digital ad campaigns?

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Gen X or Generation X basically refers to people born from the early to mid-1960s to late 1970s to early 1980s. Currently, they form the population aged 35 years to 55-60 years.

Why is Gen X population important?

While India has been known as the country of millennials, this year onwards, the number of millennials would start declining and it would be worth it for the marketers to target older generation through digital as well.

According to data revealed by Nielsen, Gen X consumers are showing growth in the propensity towards using digital platforms for money transfers, entertainment, and news.

Why is including Gen X in the digital campaigns the need of the hour?

1. Changing demographic mix of the Indian population

Until now, India has been witnessing a growth in the millennial population (roughly, millennials can be defined as people in the age group of 25-35 years). From 2019 onwards, due to slow birth rate growth in India, this population would start shrinking.

According to a census report, 41-50-year-old population, who fall in the Gen X category, is the fastest growing segment in India.

Hence, it’s time, advertisers start looking at the population cohort just preceding millennials, ie Gen X.

2. Gen X is slowly catching up

Demonetization in November 2016 played an important role in introducing Gen X to the digital world.

Gen X’s foray into digital wasn’t limited to the financial transaction but also spread to entertainment and news consumption.

With Reliance Jio, came another digital wave for Gen X. Low tariff along with low priced data, along with bundled Jio entertainment apps ushered the nation including Gen X into developing digital behavior.

If we look at Jio app subscriber base, we would see that it is equally popular among people above the age of 35 years.

Age-wise distribution of Jio App users in India

Age % Users
18-25 years 28%
26-45 years 48%
>45 years 24%


With time, brands’ outlook towards age-based targeting is changing. E-commerce sites like Seniority, Old is Gold and Elder Ease focuses solely on products and services meant for the elderly. With high purchasing power, increased digital awareness and increasing population, Gen X form an important cohort for ad targeting.

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