7 Compelling Reasons to Advertise on TV During the World Cup

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Nail-biting experience, battle of the teams, awe and fervor, with every edition of World Cup this grand event transcends boundaries, becoming a cultural phenomenon that unites nations in the love of the game. And within this captivating spectacle lies an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers.

The world of sports is undoubtedly a realm where passion, competition, and unity converge, captivating billions of hearts around the globe. However, among the extravagance of the sporting event, lies the spectacular command of the ‘battle of the brands’. 

Talking about the World Cup and brands, one can never match the unprecedented reach and success of television. Well, in the following article, we will unravel the 7 compelling reasons why advertising on television during the Cricket World Cup is not just a strategic move but a game-changing one.  

So, join us on this exhilarating ride as we decode the strategies and insights that make the Cricket World Cup the ultimate platform to elevate your brand to new heights. Let’s discover how this global extravaganza can unlock success for your brand, harnessing the immense power of televised sports to reach, engage, and resonate with audiences on an unprecedented scale.

1. The Remarkable Surge in Cricket TV Viewership and Ratings

The year 2023 has seen an astounding growth in cricket viewership on television, transcending formats – T20s, Tests, and ODIs. The IPL 2023, for instance, shattered all previous records by delivering a staggering tournament reach of over 500 million viewers and a 34% increase in TVR compared to 2022, as reported by BARC. 

Similarly, the World Test Championship Final achieved a historic milestone with a viewership of 124 million, marking a 32% surge compared to the previous final in 2021. With the ODI World Cup on the horizon, the format witnessed a remarkable 63% increase in TVR, setting the stage for another record-breaking cricket mega-event on television.

2. Cricket World Cup’s Dominance on Star Sports

In the previous ODI Cricket World Cup in 2019, even when the overall TV and HD home penetration was lower than it stands today, an astounding 552 million viewers were reached on television. Notably, any India match during the World Cup attracts an incredible audience of over 210 million viewers, surpassing the total number of online shoppers in India. 

With India slated to play a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 11 matches this time, advertisers are in for a spectacular opportunity. Even Non-India matches present a significant media plan in themselves, having reached 380 million viewers in 2019, surpassing the reach of popular shows like KBC and Bigg Boss.

3. The Ascendance of HD in Attracting Affluent Viewers

HD television continues to be the preferred platform for reaching premium audiences, with HD homes witnessing a 30% surge (from 56 million to 73 million), and cricket viewership in HD experiencing twofold growth (from 46 million to 109 million) in 2023. 

According to industry sources, the demand for HD sponsorship for the upcoming World Cup is soaring, with several clients already on board and more closures anticipated.

4. The Impact of Collective Viewing in Amplifying Advertisers’ Reach

Given the heightened passion for Cricket World Cups, viewers overwhelmingly prefer watching the event on television alongside friends and family, leading to the largest aggregation of collective viewing. This collective experience enhances brand discoverability and recall during advertisements. 

A YouGov study reveals that co-viewing on TV among friends and family results in 2.2X higher brand recall among viewers. Furthermore, a striking 92% of cricket viewers on TV discuss potential purchases with family or friends. As Indian families often make collective purchase decisions for household items, collective viewing during live sports significantly amplifies the impact of brand communications.

5. Differential Impact on Brands and Businesses

The World Cup on television has consistently propelled advertisers to new heights in terms of both brand and business impact. Brand lift studies during the World Cup indicate a consistent doubling in awareness, along with a 1.7X increase in consideration for advertisers. 

The search interest in brands advertising on TV during the World Cup has witnessed a two-fold increase. Even digital-first brands like PhonePe, Spotify, Policy Bazaar, and MakeMyTrip have emerged as market leaders, thanks to their associations with World Cup broadcasts.

6. Unmatched Brand Recall

The emotional attachment viewers have to the World Cup can lead to increased brand recall. Well-executed advertisements during the event have the potential to leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. 

A study by Nielsen found that sports sponsorships drove an average 10% lift in purchase intent among the exposed fanbase. This suggests that sports advertising on TV can be very effective at driving brand recall and purchase consideration.

7. Legacy and Longevity

Successful advertisements during the World Cup can leave a lasting legacy, becoming iconic in the world of advertising. These memorable campaigns can continue to benefit the brand long after the event concludes.

Do you remember the iconic World Cup ads, aren’t they just edged in your memory? That’s the power of TV. Be it FeviKwik’s ‘Todo Nahi Jodo’, Nike’s ‘United by Blue’ or Hero Honda’s ‘Dhak Dhak Go’, the campaigns have become a part of the brand’s identity, that you can almost get visuals of the ad when you hear the slogan. 

Recent media reports have highlighted major brands such as Coca Cola, Mahindra Auto, and HUL announcing high-value associations with Disney Star, each deal valued at over Rs.150 Crore. The stage is set, and the world is watching; it’s an extraordinary opportunity for advertisers to shine on the grandest stage of them all.


The World Cup’s influence on brands and businesses is undeniable. Brand lift studies consistently reveal a doubling in brand awareness and a 1.7X increase in consideration for advertisers. The enduring power of TV advertising is exemplified by the legacy and longevity of successful World Cup advertisements, which become iconic and etch themselves into our collective memory.

As the world unites in awe and excitement during each Cricket World Cup edition, advertisers are presented with an extraordinary opportunity to be part of this global extravaganza. With viewership numbers soaring to staggering heights and viewers forming emotional connections with the event, advertising on television during the Cricket World Cup isn’t just a smart move; it’s a game-changing one.

So, as we gear up for the next Cricket World Cup, keep in mind that the world will be watching. It’s an exceptional stage for advertisers to shine, offering an unparalleled chance to elevate your brand to new heights and become part of the enduring legacy of this spectacular sporting event. It’s your time to make a mark and join the league of brands that have left an indelible impression on the world of advertising. Don’t miss your shot at the grandest stage of them all.

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