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Many of my acquaintances, who run small and medium scale enterprises, ask me a standard question “How to use Facebook Page for advertising“. Well , it’s very easy and you can create it for free. The Facebook fan page is the face of your company so it is important that it should communicate the brand value of the business establishment. You can start building an audience for FREE and later on decide to use the paid service to boost your post or get more likes. This strategy will help you get the maximum output of your time and money spent on FB campaign. You can create a FB page by yourself or seek the help of a digital marketing consultant.

These are some tips to keep in mind while designing and using a FB page

A picture is worth a thousand words

The above holds good for Facebook advertising too . Use a banner which communicates your brand or showcases your masterpiece. For example, I stumbled upon this FB page which delivers home baked Cakes and Confectionaries on demand. Their cover picture had the picture of a cake/jelly which looks like ice. Isn’t it cool? This definitely showcases their imagination and talent. A further browse on their page showed cakes in all shapes including a bike and a Coca Cola bottle !!

Sweet Tooth Image1

Whenever you are making a banner or infographics, make sure that you use the latest UI trends so that the image looks more professional.

Be Reachable

Make sure that you have published all the details correctly including address and contact number. Adding all the details will add authenticity to your business and you will gain trust. This will help in real conversion rather than people browsing and leaving your FB page. The above image shows a complete FB page.

What’s in a name?  

While Shakespeare might argue by saying that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but this is not the case in digital marketing. Choose a name which identifies your brand name and use some words which a user might search. For example if you are building a page to sell used products, you should add some keywords like second hand items. You may also opt for a catchy name. If the name of your brand is already taken, then you may add “The Company” or “Official Page” as a suffix. Add more details like website or logo in case of ambiguity.

Video Video Video…

“Video is  ON”, says a digital marketing consultant. Videos are proving to be more engaging for the users. For the past few months, Jio was giving free data and now many telecom operators have slashed down the data charge. The general user is not averse in clicking videos as it’s not very expensive these days. Adding a short video about your product and services will add zing to your page. Try to make a short video. It would be great if you can communicate a story in less than a minute. For example, there are many DIY (Do it Yourself) videos which looks like a fast forwarded clip but it teaches the user how to accomplish a task in less than a minute.

Likes and Reviews

Likes and reviews form an important tool in building trust. The best way to get likes is to use references, friends and friends of friends. The college going audience will help you get more likes than expected as they have a huge network. So, reach out to them. A campus ambassador or intern can help you get more likes for free or a nominal stipend. Start pinging people on Facebook to like your page. Try to reach atleast 1000 likes, then only it will build trust. Note that by using this method you can reach few thousands. Later on you can spend money on buying facebook likes. Try to optimize your spend on getting likes. Normally it can vary from Rs.1 to Rs.3 per likes. Note that likes from your extended network will be more valuable than paid likes. For example,  FB page of real estate will gain more trust if the user sees that  their friends and family have also liked the page.

Ashiana Image2

Reviews are equally important. You can ask your friends and real customers to give rating. Don’t ask everyone to give a 5 star rating. If you get a bad review regarding your product or service, give a clarification on the same. Continue giving good service & information and likes will automatically follow.

While you focus on your business, let the digital marketing consultant do the rest.

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