Up Your Advertising Game With Homingo Celebrity “Phostcards”


Homingos is an app where you can upload your photos and get a hard copy in the form of a postcard sent to your address. These postcards have spaces for advertisements.

What are Homingos Celebrity Phostcards?

Homingos Celebrity Phostcards are Photo + Postcards i.e., postcards with autographed photos of celebrities. That’s awesome but the best part is the augmented-reality based advertisements on these phostcards.

This is how the concept of Homingos Celebrity Phostcards work:

Homingos Celebrity Phostcards

How can brands advertise on Homingos Celebrity Phostcards?

How To Create An Augmented Reality Ad

Each ad space on the phostcard is of the dimension 6 in X 4 in. Brands would place their image ads in this space. Celebrities would promote these autographed phostcards on their social media handle. Fans would be able to order these cards for free. On receiving these phostcards, users would be able to scan the image ads on the Homingos app and watch a video ad for the same brand. Following video would explain this process:

Following are the celebrities whose autographed postcards are being offered by Homingos:

Homingos Celebrity Phostcard Advertising

Why should brands advertise on Homingos celebrity phostcards?

  • Augmented Reality is an upcoming technology that has many takers. By opting for AR-based ads, brands have a golden opportunity to create a buzz among the followers.
  • Brands would be able to tap into the fan base of the celebrities- mostly young audience.
  • Clutter-free environment for advertising.
  • Advertisers would be able to measure the ad reach through scan counts.
  • Apart from the advertisement views, advertising brands would also be promoted by the celebrities on Instagram.

How much would it cost to advertise on Homingos celebrity phostcards?

  • Each card costs INR 32
  • Cost per Reach is about INR 10 considering each card is viewed at least for 3 times

Following is an example of how AR based advertisement on Homingos celebrity phostcards would work:

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