I have received the rates and ready to advertise. What are the next steps?

Online/Self Serve

  1. Login in to www.themediaant.com/dashboard and access your campaign by clicking on it’s name
  2. Download the Template from “Schedule Tab”, choose start & end date and download the template. Open the template, put number of ads to be placed against each date and upload. Now you campaign is scheduled
  3. Click on “Uploads Tab” and choose Upload to share your artwork with us. Any other file (multiple jingles) upload using the same button
  4. Make the payment using the “Payment Tab”


  1. Share your campaign details with Help@TheMediaAnt.com and mention the following:
    1. Start Date
    2. End Date
    3. How many times to be played per day
    4. Any special request (not play on Sunday, Monday only 1st half etc.)
    5. Share Jingle if ready

Client Servicing team would then get in touch and help.

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Was this article helpful?

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