For the cost mentioned on the site how many times would my ad be shown?

Shared rate for Cinema is per second per week. This is the price of showing 1 sec of your ad on that cinema screen once every show (minimum 3) per day for 1 week.

1. Your ad is played minimum 3 times per day and maximum 5 times per day
2. Ad is played once during the show. You can choose interval or before the start of the movie
3. The rate is for a Week

Let me explain this through an example.

Rate for Screen 3 in PVR Phoenix as mentioned on the site is Rs 430

You decided to run your video ad which is of 10 sec(ad length) and choose interval when the ad should get played

Cost would be Rs 430 X 10 = Rs 4300 and ad would be shown for 3-5 times per day for 7 days during the interval


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