Media Trivia – Based on ProKabaddi League Advertisers and Sponsors.

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The ProKabaddi League (PKL), a professional-level Kabaddi league in India, has not only revolutionized the traditional sport of Kabaddi but has also created a unique platform for advertisers and sponsors. This introduction explores how the league’s growing popularity has attracted a diverse range of sponsors, from local businesses to multinational corporations, and examines the innovative advertising strategies they employ.

By analyzing the symbiotic relationship between the sport and its financial backers, this topic offers insights into the intricate and strategic world of sports marketing in the context of the ProKabaddi League.

#1. Who is the Broadcast Sponsor for Pro Kabaddi League Season 10?

#2. Which of the following is an Associate Sponsor of PKL Season 10?

#3. Identify the Digital Streaming Partner for Pro Kabaddi League Season 10.

#4. Which company is among the Associate Sponsors of PKL Season 10?

#5. UltraTech Cement is a sponsor of PKL Season 10. Which industry does it belong to?

#6. Which of these brands is NOT a sponsor of PKL Season 10?

#7. What category of product does Dream11, a sponsor of PKL Season 10, offer?

#8. Patanjali, an Associate Sponsor of PKL Season 10, is known for what type of products?

#9. UltraTech Cement, a sponsor for PKL Season 10, is part of which major Indian conglomerate?

#10. Roff is a sponsor for PKL Season 10. What type of products does Roff manufacture?

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