Scheduled political events of 2020- A new opportunity for advertisers.

Tv Advertising On News Channels In Election 2020
Event NameDate
FM Nirmala Sitharaman to present the Union Budget for 2020-211st Feb 2020
Delhi Legislative assembly elections: Date of counting8th Feb 2020
Delhi Legislative assembly elections: Date of Polling11th Feb 2020
State elections in Bihar: term of the current assembly ends29th Nov 2020

We love drama and that applies to the news genre as well, which makes news genre the 3rd biggest genre in terms of television viewership. Broadcasters aim to show the content that caters to the different needs of viewers in a variety of formats like live news, interviews, chats, discussions, and debates to entertainment, sports, crime, and astrology shows. 

According to data by BARC, the top 5 Hindi news channels saw a jump of 66% in terms of viewership year-on-year in week 17 of 2019. 

While the news genre is more dynamic and event dependent, one such category that stays on top in terms of news viewership on television is Election

Elections are one of the top scheduled events which attract and glued lots of eyeballs. 

Whether it’s a parliament election or assembly election, or a pre-decided declaration of any bill, the channel owners aim to cover it all and get a spike in the overall viewership. 

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Source: Barc

The above image shows the spike and growth in the viewership of news channels during the 2018 poll result day in different regions. 

What interests brands in advertising on news channels?

Although news channels contribute only 8% in the total television viewership, it does attract a lot of advertisers. According to a report by BARC, the ads aired across all of the news channels surpassed the advertisement aired on GSE and movie channels in 2018. 

Advertisers’ interest on the news channels is understandable, not only because the ad inventory on the news channels is cheaper but also because of the fact that the genre is not only male dominant and attracts 49% of its viewership contribution from female audiences. 

While the genre has witnessed the jump in viewership and ad-revenues in comparison to the previous years, the election month is always a game-changer for the news broadcasters. It’s a sellers’ market on the counting day as well as on the leading days up to it. 

Here we are with a list of pre-decided top political events, majorly elections, to be aired on news channels to help you plan your advertising strategy for the maximum visibility and recognition. 

  1. FM Nirmala Sitharaman to present the Union Budget for 2020-21- 1st Feb
  2. Delhi Legislative assembly elections: Date of counting- 8th Feb 2020, Date of Polling- 11th Feb 2020
  3. State elections in Bihar; term of the current assembly ends Nov 29.

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