Dissecting Nepa Rudraksha Influencer Marketing Campaign 

Case Study

Product/ Service

Nepa Rudraksha is a brand that makes original Rudrakshas. They are Nepal’s only ISO certified distributors of exclusive and authentic Nepali Rudraksha and shaligram since 1973.


The objective of the campaign was to introduce the brand and build credibility in the market. This was planned to be achieved through educating people about the scientific and philosophical aspects of Rudraksha in understandable and entertaining podcasts.

Target Audience

The campaign was briefly created for the high-income group and Non-Resident Indians in the age group of 30-50 years. This demographic group was chosen as the target audience because, presumably, they would be interested in cultural and spiritual items and would also be able to understand the value of genuine Rudraksha beads.


This campaign’s major emphasis was on Indians and Indian communities living abroad ,specifically in regions that are known to have large proportions of NRIs.


Launched prior to Shivratri, the podcast by the brand created curiosity among the target group regarding Rudraksha, thus creating a rush of interest from both within and outside the country.  The combination of the effective utilization of influencer marketing, as well as the incorporation of engaging and informative content, paved the way to a highly successful campaign with the goal of not only boosting brand awareness but also to share valuable information regarding the religious value of Rudraksha.

Ad options identified by Nepa Rudraksha to engage with their ideal audience 

Nepa Rudraksha decided that while interacting with the stakeholders, they would focus on the digital channels and the use of podcasts and influencer marketing. The campaign involved a podcast with an influencer called Ranveer Allahabadia, who has a YouTube show called ‘The Ranveer Show’. 

Platforms used included:

YouTube: Main channel for the podcast distribution.

Instagram: Used for sharing short video clips (reels) and engaging with the audience through comments and shares.

Spotify: Podcasts were also made available on Spotify to reach audio-centric audiences.

Campaign Execution

The execution entailed an organization with Ranveer Allahabadia to get an exclusive conversation on Rudraksha with him in his YouTube channel known as ‘The Ranveer Show’. Major topics included talks about Rudraksha with reference to Lord Shiva, Mantras, as well as Rudraksha and its spiritual importance.

Content Distribution Approach: The podcast was complemented by associated content deliverables, including YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and additional clips on a secondary YouTube channel, TRS Clips.

Influencer Category: Celebrity Podcaster.

Deliverables: One main podcast episode with multiple short-form content pieces across YouTube and Instagram.

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Dissecting Nepa Rudraksha Influencer Marketing Campaign  4


Youtube Podcast: The main podcast episode on YouTube garnered impressive engagement, with 590,529 views and 17,000 likes. It achieved 568,500 views with 8.7 million impressions.

YouTube Shorts: Short snippets titled “Mantra, Tantra and Yantra”,Divine Power of Nepali

Rudraksha and “Untold Secrets of the Rudraksha” received between 41,000, 81000, and  117,000 views respectively, significantly boosting the campaign’s reach.

Reels: The campaign’s Instagram component saw remarkable engagement, with one reel achieving over 2.1 million plays, 185,571 likes, and substantial comments, saves, and shares.

Spotify: The podcast episodes on Spotify also had a significant reach with 18,461 downloads over time, demonstrating effective audience retention and interest.

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