Native Advertising on Times Group

Native Advertising is a popular way to target most relevant audience. These ads includes an image and text that are embedded within the content on the various sections of the Times Group.

Native Display Ad on Website

Native Display Ad on App

Native Video Ad

How to target relevant audience?

Audience are targeted according to the page they are browsing or past search results they have done.

For example – if somebody is reading finance news daily on any of the Times Group websites for a week. He is considered as finance interested audience and put up in “Finance Bucket”.

Likewise Times Group has created around 66 Buckets to understand audience behavior and target accordingly.

How Native Ads will work ?

Native Ads will be displayed across all the Bucket of Times Group inventories initially for 2-3 days of campaign. After analysing the response, Ads will be displayed only to those segments which are performing well.

It works on Cost per Click (CPC) model and clicks are equally divided into number of days of the campaign.

Where Native Ads will be placed ?

Native Ads will be placed across all the Times Group inventories and few other inventories which are are tied up with. Details are mentioned in the table below:

Adage Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Adage WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Ahmedabadmirror WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Alive Android AppEnglishAOS
Amar Ujala Mobile WebsiteHindiMobile
Amarujala WebsiteHindiWebsite
Ap Herald WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Askmen WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Astrospeak WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Bangalore Mirror WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Bollywood TadkaHindiWebsite
Bollywood Tadka Mobile SiteHindiMobile
Bollywoodcountry WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Bombaytimes EnglishWebsite
Boxtv Android AppsEnglishAOS
Boxtv Ios AppsEnglishiOS
Boxtv Ipad Ios AppEnglishiOS
Boxtv Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Boxtv WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Businessinsider In WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Businessinsider Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Buzz Network Mobile Website EnglishMobile
Commodity Online WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Cricbuzz Android AppEnglishAOS
Cricbuzz Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Cricbuzz WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Deepika WebsiteMalayalamWebsite
Deshabhimani Mobile WebsiteMalayalamMobile
Deshabhimani WebsiteMalayalamWebsite
Dinakaran Mobile WebTamilMobile
Dinakaran WebTamilWebsite
Eisamay Android AppsBengaliAOS
Eisamay Mobile SiteBengaliMobile
Eisamay WebsiteBengaliWebsite
Et Android AppsEnglishAOS
Et Brand EquityEnglishAOS
Et HealthEnglishWebsite
Et Ios AppsEnglishiOS
Et Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Et TechEnglishWebsite
Et WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Etauto WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Etcio WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Etrealty WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Etretail WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Femina WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Film Fare Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Film Fare WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Filmipop WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Follo Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Gaana Android AppsEnglishAOS
Gaana Ios AppsEnglishiOS
Gaana WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Galatta Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Galatta WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Gizmodo WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Happytrips Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Happytrips WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Hindi Sanjeev Kapoor Mobile WebsiteHindiMobile
Hindi Sanjeev Kapoor WebHindiWebsite
Huffingtonpost WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Ianslive Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Ianslive WebEnglishWebsite
Idiva Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Idiva WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Ign WebsiteEnglishWebsite
India Education News Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
India Education News WebsiteEnglishWebsite
India Education WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Indiatv News Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Indiatv News WebsiteEnglishWebsite
It Android AppsEnglishAOS
It Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
It WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Itimes WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Ixigo WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Jagbani Mobile SitePunjabiMobile
Jagbani PunjabkesariPunjabiWebsite
Kerala Online NewsMalayalamWebsite
Keralakaumudi Mobile WebsiteMalayalamMobile
Keralakaumudi WebsiteMalayalamWebsite
Khabar IndiatvHindiWebsite
Khabarindiatv Mobile WebsiteHindiMobile
Kyaboss WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Lifehacker WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Luxpresso WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Malayalam Samayam AndroidMalayalamAOS
Malyalam WebsiteMalayalamWebsite
Malyalam Samayam Mobile WebsiteMalayalamMobile
Mangalam WebsiteMalayalamWebsite
Mensxp Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Mensxp WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Mt Android AppsMarathiAOS
Mt Mobile SiteMarathiMobile
Mt WebsiteMarathiWebsite
MtsMulti-language, Region SpecificWebsite
Mumbaimirror WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Namaste TelanganaTeluguWebsite
Naukrinama Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Naukrinama WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Navguarat Samay Android AppsGujaratiAOS
Navguarat Samay Mobile SiteGujaratiMobile
Navguarat Samay WebsiteGujaratiWebsite
Nbt Android AppsHindiAOS
Nbt Mobile SiteHindiMobile
Nbt WebsiteHindiWebsite
Newspoint Bollywood Country AndroidEnglishAOS
Only My Health WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Paisa Khabar Indiatv Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Paisa Khabar Indiatv WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Pc MagEnglishWebsite
Prabhatkhabar Mobile SiteHindiMobile
Prabhatkhabar WebsiteHindiWebsite
Prokerala Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Prokerala WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Punemirror WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Punjab KesariHindiWebsite
Punjab Kesari Mobile SiteHindiMobile
Raftaar Mobile WebsiteHindiMobile
Raftaar WebsiteHindiWebsite
Sakshi Education WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Sandesh WebsiteGujaratiAOS
Speaking Tree Hindi WebsiteHindiWebsite
Speakingtree WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Sportskeeda English WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Sportskeeda Hindi Mobile WebsiteHindiMobile
Sportskeeda Hindi WebsiteHindiWebsite
Tamil AndroidTamilAOS
Tamil Samayam AndroidTamilAOS
Tamil Samayam Mobile WebsiteTamilMobile
Techradar WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Telgu AndroidTeluguAOS
Telgu Samayam Mobile SiteTeluguMobile
Telugu SamayamTeluguWebsite
The Story Pedia Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Toi Android AppsEnglishAOS
Toi Ios AppsEnglishiOS
Toi Mobile SiteEnglishMobile
Toi WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Tolivelugu WebsiteTeluguWebsite
Tv Times IosEnglishiOS
Udaipur TimesEnglishWebsite
Udayavani English Mobile WebsiteEnglishMobile
Udayavani English WebsiteEnglishWebsite
Udayavani Kannad WebsiteKannadaWebsite
Udayavani Kannada Mobile WebsiteKannadaMobile
Vijayavani WebsiteKannadaWebsite
Vijaykarnataka Android AppsKannadaAOS
Vijaykarnataka Mobile WebsiteKannadaMobile
Vijaykarnataka WebsiteKannadaWebsite
Vikatan Mobile Website TamilMobile
Vikatan WebsiteTamilWebsite




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