Get over Display Ads: Try Native Advertising

Native Advertising

About Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a digital advertising option that is gaining traction in India at a supersonic speed. Native advertisements are ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.  These often appear in the feeds of social media or as recommended content on a web page. The best attribute about the native ads is that they don’t look like normal display or text ads, enhancing customer experience and guaranteeing better engagement.

Native Advertising

Why Native Advertising?

  • Native Ads appear in contextually correct surroundings, making the customer experience seamless.
  • Consumers look at native ads 53% more than display ads as they blend with the content.

About Addng

Addng is an in-feed brand engagement platform by Studeyo that has been designed to engage the audience effectively with 10-20 times CTR as compared to standard Display Ads, 2-3 times more engagement; within a span of 15-20 seconds.

How can Addng Help Your Brand Achieve Your Goals?

Addng can bring the following value addition to your advertisements:

– Built for Brand Advocacy and Engagement, delivers >80% depth in engagement
– Allows you to engage your audience with unique, interactive formats that keep them engaged and help crunch the marketing funnel
– Delivers social media like capabilities in the open web – sharing, liking etc.
– Provides access to differentiated and exclusive premium native ad inventory
– Extensive access to regional markets that you have always struggled to engage with

To know more about how native advertising through Addng works, click on the demo links below:

– Kerala Tourism demo ad:
– Same ad customised for a Kannada publication:

(Please note: Addng supports many other formats like Survey, Shopping etc. Please write to us to know more about all the media options available)

How to Advertise with Addng?

You can advertise with Addng by visiting the Media Ant website at . You can also contact us by writing to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com for more details about the various plans and execution details.

Case Studies:

Following are few case studies about how native advertising helped these brands to drive customer engagement:

B2C: Watch Brand:
B2C: Insurance Brand:

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