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Top 3 Snapchat advertising facts

The average monthly downloads of the Snapchat App in India is 48.9 Million. (Oct 2023 data)

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App performance of Snapchat App, Source:Similarweb

The Monthly Active Users of Snapchat app in India are 200.7 Million and the average session duration is 4.86 minutes. The Daily active users of the app are 76.13 Million. (Data from Oct 2022 to Sep 2023)

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Engagement of Snapchat App, Source:Similarweb

The user demographics (India) of the app are 21.9% Female and 78.1% Male, with the highest age group being 18-24 year old (51%) followed by 25-34 year old (32%). (Data from Oct 2022 to Sep 2023)

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App demographics of Snapchat App, Source:Similarweb

Top 5 Snapchat ads

  • Long form video ads– Long-form video ads are recommended for those who want to promote movie and tv show trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and how-to videos, among any others. Your ad, which will play a short 10-second preview of your long-form video, contains a “Watch” CTA on the bottom of the screen, which, when swiped up, will play the entire video
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  • App install– Snapchat’s app-install ads are a great way to generate more app installs. While your ad plays, the CTA “Install Now” appears on the bottom of the screen. Users swipe up to download your app from the app store without leaving Snapchat. The app installs in the background.
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  • Article promotion ads– If you want to promote your articles, you should advertise on Snapchat using its Article ad format. Like all Snapchat ad formats, the article format, which fills your phone screen, opens vertically.
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  • Stories ad– Snapchat Stories are short user photos or video collections that can be uploaded to the user’s Story. they are visible for a short time.
  • Snap Ads– They are full-screen vertical video ads that can be up to 10 seconds long. Snap Ads appear in between friends’ stories and Snapchat curated content such as Snapchat’s stories or publishers’ stories. 

Top preferred targeting options on Snapchat

  • Snap audience match– Re-engage Snapchatters who have interacted with your brand or business in the past using a customer list of emails, phone numbers or device IDs.
  • Lookalike audiences– Expand your reach by finding Snapchatters similar to your existing customers. Lookalike Audiences drive website traffic, online sales and new customer growth.
  • Pixel custom audiences– Target Snapchatters who have visited your website and browsed your products online with a flexible lookback window with Pixel Custom Audiences.
  • Ad-engagement audience– Retarget a highly engaged audience of Snapchatters who have previously Swiped up on your Image or Video Ads, completed a video ad, shared your lense or filter, and more!

Top 3 reasons to go for Snapchat advertising

Reach– Snapchat is the largest social media platform with 200.7 million monthly active users. with majority of the total active users being men between the age group of 18-25 years.

Cost effective– Snapchat is one of the most cost-effective platforms available for advertising. Advertisers can spend a small amount of money to target a large number of audiences.

Customized targeting options– Snapchat offer a variety of targeting options as mentioned above. It hence, caters to your brand’s every need whether its a video ad that you are looking for app install ad, it has got you covered. Its young consumer base makes it a great platform for advertising since brands with youth centric target audience can easily run campaigns here and benefit from it.

Specific filters– You can set specific filters so your ads will reach specific audiences. 

Reasons to not go for Snapchat advertising

B2B brands– LinkedIn has emerged as a better platform for B2B advertising. Therefore, the same advertising might not give equally good results on Snapchat.

Good for brands that cater to young audience–  If your brand does not cater to a young audience, Snapchat might not give you that good a result.

Top 3 brand categories that should consider Snapchat advertising




Top 3 cities that prefer Snapchat advertising




Average CTR

In Snapchat, CTR is expressed in terms of Swipe Up Rates. Swipe Up Rates is a critical indicator of your Snapchat ad progress, representing your audience’s response to your CTAs. The average click through rate (CTR) in Snapchat is 1.0%

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