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Mamaearth founded in 2016 by Varun Alagh, is an Indian brand that offers a wide range of natural and toxin-free personal care products for adults, babies, and children. They are known for their commitment to using plant-based ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals in their products.

What was the objective of the campaign?

Mamaearth aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of their Ubtan Face Wash to reach affluent CTV audiences. They crafted a concise, impactful 30-second video, narrating the product’s powerful ingredient story.

Target Audience

The campaign was strategically targeted towards premium, affluent, and digital-first audiences. 


The association with Disney+ Hotstar and targeting during live cricket matches suggest a pan-India reach.


Approach: “Shaadi Wala Glow” Campaign by Mamaearth

The approach of Mamaearth’s “Shaadi Wala Glow” campaign was comprehensive, incorporating a blend of strategic elements to resonate with the target audience. The campaign leveraged a celebrity endorsement, highlighted a key selling proposition, and strategically utilized media placement to effectively communicate the brand’s message.

1. Celebrity Endorsement:

Mamaearth enlisted Bollywood celebrity Shilpa Shetty Kundra as the face of the campaign. Shilpa’s influential status and association with wellness aligned seamlessly with Mamaearth’s brand ethos. Her endorsement added credibility and allure to the campaign, especially among the target audience aspiring for a radiant complexion.

2. Key Selling Proposition – ‘Shaadi Wala Glow’:

The central theme of the campaign was the promise of a ‘Shaadi Wala Glow’ achieved through the use of Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash. The emphasis on this unique selling proposition created an emotional connection with consumers, tapping into the desire for a special, radiant glow associated with significant life events.

3. Ingredient Storytelling:

The campaign strategically detailed the strong ingredient story behind the Ubtan Face Wash. By highlighting the benefits of each ingredient, Mamaearth aimed to educate consumers about the science and efficacy of the product. This storytelling approach contributed to building trust and credibility among the audience.

4. Strategic Media Placement – CTV:

Recognizing the significance of Connected TV (CTV) among affluent audiences, Mamaearth strategically chose this platform for the campaign. By targeting CTV viewers, the brand ensured that its message reached individuals with a higher propensity for premium skincare products.

5. Cross-Platform Promotion:

To maximize the campaign’s reach, Mamaearth implemented a cross-platform promotion strategy. The campaign content extended beyond CTV, leveraging social media platforms and other digital channels. This approach ensured a consistent and widespread message across various touchpoints.

Objective of the Campaign:

The primary objectives of Mamaearth’s “Shaadi Wala Glow” campaign were to:

  • Establish the efficacy of Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash.
  • Highlight the unique selling proposition – ‘Shaadi Wala Glow.’
  • Increase brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent among CTV audiences.

The campaign targeted:

  • Affluent individuals interested in premium skincare products.
  • CTV audiences, focusing on those with higher disposable income.
  • Consumers aspiring for a radiant complexion associated with significant life events, aligning with the ‘Shaadi Wala Glow’ theme.

Geography covered in the Campaign:

The universal appeal of skincare and the strategic use of CTV suggest a nationwide reach. While the campaign likely had a strong presence in urban areas, the focus on CTV ensured a broad reach, reaching affluent individuals across various regions.

Mamaearth’s multifaceted approach successfully combined celebrity influence, emotional storytelling, and strategic media placement to create a memorable and impactful campaign that resonated with the target audience.

Campaign Execution


Mamaearth’s “Shaadi Wala Glow” campaign yielded impressive results, indicating a successful execution and resonance with the target audience:

The brand witnessed a significant +9% uplift in brand awareness compared to Kantar norms, showcasing the effectiveness of the chosen strategy in reaching and capturing the attention of the CTV audience.

Moreover, Mamaearth achieved a notable +9% uplift in brand favorability, surpassing Kantar norms by 1.5 times. This indicates that the campaign not only increased awareness but also positively influenced the perception of the brand among the target audience.

The most impactful result was a remarkable +19% uplift in purchase intent, surpassing Kantar norms by 2.7 times. This indicates that the campaign successfully translated awareness and favorability into a tangible increase in consumers’ intention to purchase Mamaearth’s Ubtan Face Wash.

In summary, Mamaearth’s strategic and comprehensive approach to campaign execution, coupled with the impactful results, reflects the effectiveness of the “Shaadi Wala Glow” campaign in achieving its objectives and resonating with the affluent CTV audience.

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