Lead Generation for Augmont  through Performance Marketing Campaign

Case Study 28

About the Brand

Augmont, a dynamic player in the gold industry, offers innovative solutions like Gold SIP and services for selling old gold. By leveraging advanced technology, Augmont facilitates seamless online transactions, providing a secure and trustworthy platform for individuals looking to invest in gold or sell their assets.

Target Audience

The campaign targets a diverse demographic, encompassing males and females aged between 26 and 55. It reaches across various income levels—low, mid, and high—ensuring broad appeal and accessibility. Geographically, the focus is on the states of Telangana, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, tapping into a mix of urban and semi-urban populations.

Campaign Goals

The primary objective of this performance marketing campaign is lead generation, aiming to attract and convert potential customers into active buyers and investors in gold-related products.


One of the significant challenges in digital marketing for high-value products like gold is acquiring high-quality leads cost-effectively. The campaign initially struggled to generate leads that progressed beyond the top of the funnel, a common issue in traffic-driven campaigns. 


Optimizing Traffic Campaigns: The campaigns were fine-tuned to focus on lower-funnel actions, ensuring that the audience engaged was more likely to convert.

Launching an Appography Campaign: This innovative campaign drove relevant traffic to Augmont’s website, significantly improving lead quality. The focus was on attracting individuals already interested in gold investments or selling old gold, which enhanced the qualification rate.


The campaign’s effectiveness is highlighted by impressive metrics:

  • 483 average monthly leads.
  • 240 average monthly sales.
  • A substantial 50% qualification-to-sales conversion rate.
  • The average cost per lead stood at ₹310, while the cost per sale was ₹625.
  • The average product value per transaction was ₹1500, with a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2.4.


Augmont’s performance marketing campaign demonstrates a successful model for lead generation in the gold industry. Through strategic optimization and targeted campaigns, Augmont managed to not only meet but exceed its lead generation goals, securing a robust pipeline of high-quality leads and translating them into tangible sales. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of tailored digital marketing strategies in overcoming industry-specific challenges and achieving remarkable results.

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