Influencer Marketing Brief to Promote a Product

Influencer Marketing Brief

You may think that the responsibility of communicating and content creation in case of influencer marketing lies with the influencers and you just have to sit back and relax. However, that’s not entirely true.

The journey of influencer marketing begins with the brand marketing its products/services to the influencers. Influencers are content experts who have distinct style and format for content generation.

And when collaborating with the influencers, it’s very important that they understand what your brand stands for, your offering and your USPs so that both the parties are in a win-win relationship.

Hence, brands willing to go ahead with influencer marketing should spend considerable time working on an influencer marketing brief.

What is an influencer marketing brief?

Like any creative brief or media brief shared with creative and media agencies respectively, an influencer marketing brief lays down the key-points about the brand and what it stands for, the objective of the campaign and also guidelines to follow and any deliverable agreed upon.

The brands should make sure that the brief is precise, to the point and doesn’t leave space for any ambiguity. The influencer marketing campaign would be successful only if the influencers are aligned on the brand goals and objective.

The influencer marketing brief can be shared with the influencers during the first few conversations to make the process smoother and also help the influencers to understand the brand’s expectations.

Why does a brand need to prepare an influencer marketing brief?

Having an influencer marketing brief ready before approaching influencers is a good idea. Following are a few reasons why every brand willing to go for influencer marketing should have an influencer marketing brief first:

  • The influencer brief would work as a guide for the influencers while creating content for the brand campaign. This would eliminate the need for subsequent calls for doubt clearing and feedbacks and would improve efficiency.
  • Spending some time and creating an influencer brief would help the brand streamline the process and maintain a standard communication with all the influencers. This would save a lot of time later and also would help brands a common theme across content.

What should be included in the marketing brief?

An ideal influencer marketing brief should cover the following:

  • Company Overview: A brief introduction of your company, vision, mission, brands, products/services, and anything else that would help the influencer to know you better.
  • Past Campaigns/Examples: Examples of your past campaigns/ competitor campaigns that would help the influencers understand your expectations.
  • Campaign Brief: A detailed brief about your campaign in terms of the goal, the approach etc.
    • Target Audience
    • Campaign Goal
    • Campaign Message
    • Objective
    • Channels
    • Deliverables
    • Timelines
    • Campaign Reporting
    • Content Review Process
    • Payment Terms
  • Campaign Deliverables: This would include a detailed breakdown of the deliverables along with the deadlines, any other requirement like post caption, description, inspiration, mood board etc
  • FAQs or Do’s /Don’ts: A list of frequently asked questions or some ground rules that needs to be followed. For example, the mention of paid partnership in every post.

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