“EaseMyTrip.com Joins Forces with UP Yoddhas: A Pioneering Partnership in Pro Kabaddi”

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EaseMyTrip.com, a prominent online travel platform in India, has officially announced its strategic partnership as the principal sponsor for UP Yoddhas, the Pro Kabaddi League franchise representing Uttar Pradesh. This collaboration marks EaseMyTrip’s entry into the world of kabaddi, highlighting the brand’s dedicated support for a diverse range of sporting endeavors.

Owned by the GMR Group, UP Yoddhas made a notable debut in the Pro Kabaddi League in 2017 and has consistently impressed fans with their dynamic and results-oriented gameplay. The team, known for its consistency, has always secured a spot in the playoffs since its inception. In the current season, UP Yoddhas, coming off a resounding 30-point victory over Gujarat Giants, are gearing up to face Telugu Titans on December 9, 2023.

Nishant Pitti, CEO and Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip, expressed anticipation about the collaboration, emphasizing the cultural significance of kabaddi in India. He stated that the partnership reflects EaseMyTrip’s commitment to supporting sports diversity, with the brand’s logo prominently displayed on UP Yoddhas’ jerseys. (Source: Adgully)

As principal sponsors, the EaseMyTrip logo will be featured prominently on the team’s jerseys, symbolizing the brand’s endorsement of UP Yoddhas’ pursuit of success in the Pro Kabaddi league. The logo will also be visible on other significant match-related merchandise.

PKSV Sagar, CEO of GMR League Games, expressed pride in the partnership, emphasizing the alignment of values and passion between the two brands. The collaboration aims to enhance the fan experience and contribute to the growth of both the team and the sport.

EaseMyTrip’s logo will not only be present on the team’s jerseys but also integrated into various team engagement activities, commercial exercises, official training kits, and online platforms. The brand’s commitment to promoting sports reflects a broader dedication to fostering a culture of athleticism and teamwork.

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