Introducing our Digital Media Planning Tool (Excel-Beta Version)

Digital Media Planning Tool

If you are new to the world of Digital Marketing, it might get overwhelming for you to understand and master digital marketing’s fancy terminologies and jargon like CPC, CPM, CTR, total clicks, impressions, and whatnot.

We understand that…

And yes it is increasingly harder to keep track of all the digital marketing platforms at once, especially when the industry is growing at the speed of light and advertising platforms are getting updated day by day.

But, we have got you covered.

We have created a simple Digital Media Planning Tool for you that has:

  • Most popular digital advertising platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Quora, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Truecaller.
  • Filters to adjust your advertising budget.
  • A simple downloadable digital plan.

These platforms don’t have a minimum advertising budget hence are easy to be planned.

How will our Digital Media Planning Tool help you?

  • The sheet will get you a basic digital plan ready as per your requirements, absolutely free of cost.
  • The sheet would help you to understand which platforms and advertising budgets work the best for you
  • You would also get a basic understanding of the platform performance in terms of CPC, CPM, CTR etc, (explained below)

Who is it for?

When we designed this tool, we had early-stage digital marketers in mind. The tool is very useful for people who want to understand how various digital platforms perform and which one can be best suited to their advertising budget.

How to use our Digital Media Planning Tool? 

Our Digital Media Planning Tool is a downloadable Excel sheet which you’ll be able to open in your Microsoft Excel software. 

Click on the below-mentioned link to download the tool. 

This is how the tool will appear when you download and open the sheet in your software.

Digital Media Planner For Self Serve Platforms

Let me quickly breakdown each of the key metrics which you’ll be interacting with, and the value of these key metrics will be changed according to your inputs. 


On the left side, there’s a box that contains the list of the self-serve platforms. You can choose a single platform or multiple by using the ctrl button on your keyboard. 

Allocated Budget –

Right beside the Platform box, you will be seeing a box of “Allocated Budget”.

Allocated Budget is the budget you’ll be spending on the platform [s] you have selected.

Based on the values you select for the above-mentioned variables, you would get the following:

Digital Media Planning Tool


Impressions are the average total number of times your ad will be displayed to your audience on your selected platform [s].


Total clicks are the average total count of the number of times your ad will be clicked by the users. 

Average of CTR

CTR stands for Click-through-rate, it’s a ratio of the number of times your Ad is clicked by the impressions your Ad gets.

Average of CTR will tell you the average ratio of the clicks and impressions your Ad will be getting.

Total Traffic on site

Total Traffic on site is the average number of users that will be landing on your site/page after clicking on your Ad. 

Average CPC

Average CPC is the average cost of a single click. That’s the average amount you’ll have to pay whenever someone clicks your Ad. 

Average CPM

Average CPM is the average cost of a thousand impressions. That’s the average you’ll have to pay whenever your ad gets a thousand impressions. 

Total Budget

Total Budget is the total budget amount you’ll be getting after selecting your platforms and budget you would want to spend on each of your selected platform[s]. 

Here  are a few simple steps that will help you create your digital marketing strategy using our free Digital Media Planning Tool:

  1. Download the sheet 
  2. Select the platform [s] and your budget
  3. Download your plan

To make the plan you’ll have to download the sheet, you can download it by clicking on the above link. After downloading, open the document in Excel and you’ll be set to create your Digital plan (Use f4 to download your plan)

2.  Select the platform [s] and your budget

Let’s say if you want to run your video Ad campaign on Hotstar. 

You’ll choose the Hotstar-video in the platform options, then you’ll select the budget (here I chose 2k) that you wish to spend on your Ad campaign. 

After selecting the platform and your budget, you will be able to see the metric values which will help you make your digital plan.

Self Serve Digital Media Tool

Now, assume that you want to run your ad campaign on multiple platforms. So, you’ll go to the Platform box and select multiple platforms using “ctrl” on your keyboard. 

You’ll select your budget and you’ll be seeing the information according to the platforms and the budget you have chosen.

Self Serve Digital Planning Tool

3. Download your plan

 To download your plan, just double click the green arrow, or else you can use f4

Self Serve Digital Media Planning Tool

After double-clicking the green box, your Digital plan will be shown to you. You can also download this plan separately. 

Self Serve Digital Planning Tool
 Plan for a single platform
Picture7 1
Plan for multiple platforms


  • Metrics calculated in the plan are estimated based on our past campaign performances and our experience. The actual results may vary. 
  • Currently, the budget selected for multiple platforms will be similar, you won’t be able to select a different budgets for multiple platforms.

Yay! Your digital plan is ready. What next?

Congratulations! your digital advertising plan is ready for execution. Following are the next steps:

  • Get creatives ready
  • Decide on the audience targeting 
  • Setup the campaign
  • Launch the campaign
  • Optimize the campaign
  • Measure and analyze the campaign results after the campaign ends

Like our Digital Planning Tool? We would love to hear some feedback.
Our Digital Planning Tool is still in its testing version. We would keep on adding new features to it and you would be the first one to know. After collecting your feedback, we will be making an online tool with updated features that we will integrate into our website. 

We would love to know if you have any suggestions for us, please help us by filling out the Google Form below.

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