Cost Per Install Campaign : Best For Driving App Installs

Cost Per Install Campaign

What is a Cost Per Install campaign?

Cost per install campaigns is digital advertising campaigns that charge the advertiser only when someone installs advertiser’s app. It is a performance-driven campaign where conversion is the main objective and hence, the payment method is dependent upon app installs and not how many people saw or clicked on the ad.

How do we calculate Cost Per Install?

Cost per install is very simple to be calculated. Cost per install can be obtained by dividing total ad spend by the number of installs.

Cost per install = Total Ad Spend/ Total Measured Installs


Why should you opt for a Cost Per Install campaign?

If you have an app that you want people to install, cost per install campaigns would be the best. Here’s why.

Following is a table that shows an estimation of effective cost per install for a digital advertising campaign based on various payment methods. (disclaimer: the numbers are based on past campaign performance and the final results may vary)



  • For the same campaign budget, cost per install campaigns drove more installs.
  • Even though the cost per install model appears to be costlier, effective cost per install is much lower in case of cost per install campaign.

Which are the most popular platforms for driving app install campaigns?

Google Universal App Campaigns and Facebook app install campaigns are the two most popular advertising platforms for app install campaigns.

Some of the reasons that make Google and Facebook popular for app installation are:

  • Mass Reach
  • Low Cost Per Installation
  • Variety of ad formats offered

What are the problems faced with popular app install advertising platforms?

Google and Facebook are undoubtedly the flag-bearers of app install campaigns in India. However, there are few limitations to this approach of relying only on Google Universal App campaign and Facebook app installs to drive app installs. These are:

  • High Uninstall Rates
  • Challenges in incremental scaling
  • Rate fluctuations due to market conditions
  • The substantial effort required to manage campaigns

We understand this dilemma hence, we have come up with special 100% customizable App install campaign package.

All of the platforms included, come with a diverse set of audience and by opting for the app install campaign package, advertisers can scale up their app install campaigns.

Following are the most popular advertising platforms and Ad Networks included in the App Install Campaign Package are:

  • Hotstar
  • Daily Hunt
  • Snapchat
  • Times Network
  • Taboola
  • Colombia
  • Tik Tok
  • Adgebra

What are the advantages of The Media Ant App Install Campaign Package?

Owing to the diversified platforms used to drive app install campaigns under The Media Ant App Install Campaign package, there are several advantages as following:

  • Premium Platforms
  • Potential to reach Premium Users
  • Fixed Cost Per Install
  • Low Uninstall Rates
  • Higher Accuracy of Targeting
  • Possibility to scale campaigns

Who should opt for The Media Ant App Install Campaign Package?

App Install Campaign Package is the best fit for app owners

  • Who wants to explore more app install platforms in addition to Google and Facebook
  • Who is concerned about high app uninstall rate
  • Who want to scale up their app install campaigns.

How can I opt for The Media Ant App Install Campaign Package?

To know more about the platforms included in The Media Ant App Install Campaign Package and the pricing details, you can visit or write to us at to know more.


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