CaratLane celebrates this Valentine’s Day with TVC on Every Day Love


Valentine’s Day, the day of love is not just about couples. Love comes in all different shapes, sizes, forms and from people all around us. Using this as its messaging, CaratLane has come up with television ads that direct people to look at the ‘everyday love’ around them that they usually miss. The campaign has two TVCs that talk about relationships between people that should be celebrated as Valentine’s too.

The first TVC has an interaction between two women colleagues where the older colleague gets lunch for the other who stays away from home.

The second one is with two roommates who work during different hours of the day and the compromises they make.

The brand believes that Valentine’s Day needs to be celebrated with all people in our lives who show us love through the smallest of everyday acts, and this day is not just for couples. Through this campaign the brand tries to celebrate the love that they see and experience in their everyday relationships. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day CaratLane has launched a range of jewelry that includes motifs like lovebirds, bows, hearts, initials and personalised trinkets to celebrate the love in different relationships.

The brand tries to say that this Valentine’s day you can gift something to your mom, sister, brother, dad, roommate or anyone who is close to your heart.

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